April 29, 2004 19:21

  • Terrorist receives life sentence

    Dokka Dzhantemirov, one of the terrorists who shot down a Mi-26 helicopter killing 127 people, was sentenced to life by the Rostov Regional Court.

April 29, 2004 17:27

April 29, 2004 17:01

April 29, 2004 16:31

April 29, 2004 14:27

April 29, 2004 14:08

April 29, 2004 13:21

  • Leader of Our Adjaria movement beaten in Adjaria

    Commenting on the incident, David Berdzenishvili, a Georgian MP and a leader of the Our Adjaria movement, blamed the leadership of the Adjarian interior ministry for the beating of the opposition activists.

April 29, 2004 12:57

  • Law on meetings finally passed by Armenian parliament

    "The law provides for clear rights and obligations of the organizers of and participants in public actions, it regulates authorities of the police and empowered organ, as well as the grounds and procedure for stopping the actions," said the Armenian Minister of Justice.

April 29, 2004 12:52

April 29, 2004 12:05

April 29, 2004 11:33

  • Some 1,500 refugees remain in Ingushetia's last tent city

    "According to our information, people will be leaving the tent city more actively at the end of May. This is for objective human reasons: children will finish their school year, and it's also more convenient to move in the summer," Igor Yunash, first deputy head of the Russian Federal Migration Service, said.

April 29, 2004 11:23

April 28, 2004 17:59

April 28, 2004 17:44

April 28, 2004 16:56

April 28, 2004 16:20

April 28, 2004 15:45

April 28, 2004 15:20

  • Conference on interethnic relations and xenophobia held in Krasnodar Region

    More than 50 people representing public and religious organizations, ethnic minorities of Russia's South, and government took part in the conference "The Role of Human Rights Organizations in Normalizing Interethnic Relations and Overcoming Xenophobia in the South Federal District". The Commission on Human Rights in Krasnodar Region was among them.

April 28, 2004 14:03

  • Terrorist suspects report on torture against them

    Aliaskhab from the village of Miatli was tortured by putting ice on his head, which created a center of brain fever, he said. Aliaskhab went mad after it, and blew up himself when he was set free. The mother of Khanali Umakhanov asserts that her son lost his reason not having stood the torture which he was subjected to during the investigation.

April 28, 2004 12:59

Relatives of Chechen young men shocked by secret verdict

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