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Dec 31, 2014 17:49

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Against this background, the Russia's Ministry of Defence announced a call of about 4100 recruits from Northern Caucasus to the regular military service. This is the first such mass call up in recent years. Earlier, media discussed the information about a covert directive, which recommended not recruiting young people from the Caucasus and natives of the Caucasus. Such a turn in the policy of army formation was differently assessed by user of the "Caucasian Knot".The user nice.konan has treated this decision as contradicting Russia's interests: "In the tsarist Russia, non-Russian nationals were exempted from conscription, because they are first and foremost Muslims, then, they are countrymen, and only then – they are soldiers. For them the oath on the Koran is everything, and the oath given to non-Muslims is nothing. Little has changed since then. Let these 'warriors' first normally pass the United State Examination (USE), and only then, then they can be trained in handling the weapons in the Air Force or in Strategic Missile Forces, and so on. Now, except for a Kamaz driver and a company colour sergeant (to write-off or sell something), they are not fit for the service, especially under contracts. Military higher schools, in including the elite ones, already have experience of such mistakes, while access to state secrets is not a joke, but the most important component of Armed Forces. Training at our expense militants for the Mullahs who lack mosques, is a pure betrayal of state interests of the Russian Federation."The user DruzЪ continued discussion in the sphere of interaction of the state with religion; in his opinion, in the Russian Army there are no conditions for the service of Muslims: "Is the Russian Army fit for the service of Muslims therein? Let's start with the food: do they cook halal food in the canteens of the Russian Army? In Soviet time, they didn't. But now we have no atheism; and every citizen has the right to profess and follow his/her own religion, and Islam forbids eating non-halal food. Has the daily routine of the Russian army time for 5 prayers a day? Muslims must administer five prayers a day. Muslims cannot take part in the war against Muslims on the side of infidels (that is, Christians). What is the Russian Army doing in the Caucasus? We must first solve at least the basic problems in our own army prior to start the populist action of recruiting the boys, whom 15 years ago the Supreme Commander of the Russian Army called to 'get in toilets'; and they really 'got' a lot of them. It is necessary first to bring our army up to civilized level, clean it from thieves and drunks, rapists and maniacs, who rape soldiers, and other dirty mischief. We must start building it from the very top down; and to start with, at least liberate the army from those 'brave officers' who killed people in Chechnya."The user with the nick awesome, on the contrary, thinks that young Caucasians are those whom the Russian Army really needs: "Worthy guys shall be recruited! In the army - go worthy! The times have gone, when they recruited everybody! Strong, tough and motivated! In general, the best! I have an opportunity to compare. And now I see those who serve the Motherland! Selected guys of all nationalities! And if you talk about Caucasians... then, who, apart of them, are more suitable for service to the Motherland? Strong, aggressive... well and duly financially motivated…"Most votes were given to the user with the nick BenJoice, he believes that religion or nationality cannot be an obstacle for the service; and the army should be formed on the voluntary basis:"To begin with, we have a secular state, and nobody will adapt to religious feelings of believers, as well as to organize their life, schedule and food rations. This applies to everyone, not just Muslims, especially since we have alternative service, if religion does not allow serving. Forming unit on the basis of soldiers' confessions? Then, let's apply this principle in hiring, treatment, training... it's madness? I agree, let only those go to serve, who really want it; in order not to start thinking about who and how can serve under one's religion. On the voluntary basis, same as in the Wild Division, which covered itself with unfading glory in the First World War, as well as those officers and Caucasians – ordinary horsemen, who refused to serve the Soviet Power and were shot dead, but remained faithful to their oath."

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