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Dec 31, 2014 18:15

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Our readers used to demonstrate great interest in and activeness to the topics and events, caused by the current international political situation: the Ukrainian crisis, Russia's reaction to the Western sanctions; and appearance of the so-called "Islamic State" (IS) in the Middle East. The threats of the IS to transfer military actions to the Caucasus and Russia were differently perceived by our readers.The user with the nick ahtichai expressed doubts as to a physical possibility of such scenario: "))))))) Have they already 'liberated' Syria, Iraq and Lebanon?))) And how will their equipment get to the Caucasus: via the space))) or by sea)))? If they move by land, they need first to conquer Iran or Turkey; and to reach RUSSIA, they also need to cross Azerbaijan or Georgia. IN short, it's delirium of insane persons (((In general, I think that this ISIL is a complete utopia; and they'll reach nothing. They were grown up on the money of the USA, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and, possibly, UAE. They could and can do almost nothing, even fighting – they faced nobody serious there; they can do nothing even with Assad."The user Ernesto, on the contrary, believes that bringing militants to the Caucasus is theoretically possible, but they will find no support from local residents: "Sure, ISIL militants won't reach Northern Caucasus by themselves; but should they are helped, they may fly there. In Afghanistan, mujahideens possessed, not without external help, American weapons, which allowed them to efficiently confront the Soviet Union. In Vietnam Soviet weapons fought against Americans, and so efficiently that Yankees had to go home. In Ukraine, a handful of some separatists are totally defeating the Ukrainian Army, and everybody understands with whose help. But in Northern Caucasus, and, especially, in Chechnya, people are sick and tired of war. Besides, you go out into the street and see that the today's Chechnya has nothing in common with what was here before. Of course, there are people, who are not happy with the rule of KRA (Kadyrov, Ramzan A.). But this will not raise the population to riots or revolts. Recollect the end of the voyage of Ernesto Che Guevara to Bolivia. He failed to get support from the local population, was captured and executed."The user drugan bratanov recollects the experience of transportation of Islamic militants to the Caucasus in the course of Chechen war campaigns, and believes that they should be confronted also by "duly ideologically trained fighters": "I greet you, esteemed Kyamal! In my humble opinion, the point is in resources... in the material basis... in good stock of ammunition... And, of course, in the idea... Even if these 'guys' are brought here in helicopters, with 'smoking breaks' [as it was during Chechen Wars 1 and 2] in the Pankisssi Gorge of Georgia, they can be met there by properly armed forces and 'liquidated, by fertilizing the soil with their bodies some two-three miles away from the place of their landing... But for this we need to have ideologically prepared fighters... That is, the 'comrades', who would probably confront them, should ideologically hate them, for their hands give no shake! For example, I could have some pleasure in duly beating some militant of the 'Iraq and the Levante' just because of their hypocrisy and deviant behaviour from the viewpoint of both the Islamic and Soviet way of thinking. Since eating the heart of a killed soldier in front of a video camera, and – at the same time – appeal to supreme forces is the behaviour of a self-liquidator, who begs to be shot dead as soon as possible..."The user with the nick radiowerewolf finds specific "pros" for the Russian authorities in the activities of IS in the Middle East: "I tell you something, even paradoxical at first sight: for the current Russian regime it is extremely beneficial to continue that massacre in the Middle East. All the Caucasian radical young people are at war there, not only they; but Tatars and Bashkirs are also at war there. Thus, in the Caucasus, there are fewer of those who could ideologically fight. Bringing the war to the Caucasus? Why – those, who could fight in the Caucasus against Putin, are killed in Syria and Iraq. The underground is decentralized completely; only some semi-criminal racketeering rabble remains; but at the same time, the Kremlin should stop harassing local Muslims; and those who return from Syria and Iraq should be immediately taken at the airport and brought to the court; there are the respective precedents already."The user Monro wonders about the interest of ISIL fighters to the Caucasus and Russia at the background of another outbreak of violence in Israel and in Palestinian territories: "I wonder why they do not want to liberate Palestine; they are also very close to them; moreover, during the recent massacre in Palestine, arranged by Israelis, where some 500 children were killed, ISIL did not even make an accidental shot from a tank at the territory of Israel, while they are very close to the occupied Golan Heights...? "The greatest number of readers' votes were cast for the comment of the user DruzЪ, in which he calls for peace in the Caucasus, where people are regularly lost without IS militants:"As to these statements to transfer the war to the Caucasus, EVERYTHING is clearly showing that there are people sitting somewhere in Washington or nearby there, who give orders to the heads of those guys who are now fighting under the flag of the Levante and Iraq. And just in the time, when the world is being split into the 'open' West and 'closed' East; it very clearly shows or gives rise to reflections about who owns and who controls the project named ISIL. In any case, residents of the Caucasus have seen and suffered a lot, and nearly died out because of war. A war never brings fortune to ordinary people, who become victims of war machines. In the Caucasus. people perish almost every day without it – enough!!! We're sick and tired, the Caucasus needs peace, not war."The facts the ranks of the "Islamic State" include fighting Russian citizens and people from the Caucasus are confirmed by various sources, in including and the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA). The courts in Northern Caucasushave already convicted regional locals for participation in hostilities in Syria.

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