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March 11, 2017 03:42

July 06, 2016 05:39

  • Abkhazian President refuses to postpone referendum

    Raul Khadjimba has decisively refused to fulfil the demand of the opposition to postpone the referendum on the early presidential elections to the beginning of autumn. The Abkhazian President has described the opposition's actions as an attempt to destabilize the situation in Abkhazia.

August 26, 2014 19:30

August 26, 2014 00:46

  • United States reject presidential election in Abkhazia

    The Government of the United States does not recognize the presidential election in Abkhazia, since the United States consider it to be part of Georgia, said Jen Psaki, the Spokesperson for the US Department of State. The United States still consider Abkhazia as a part of Georgia and urge Russia to withdraw "its forces to pre-conflict positions" of 2008.

August 25, 2014 05:00

August 24, 2014 19:00

August 20, 2014 18:10

July 15, 2014 13:06

  • Abkhazian presidential candidate Beslan Eshba fails his language test

    The Central Election Commission (CEC) of Abkhazia has registered four candidates for the early presidential election scheduled for August 24. The former Deputy Prime Minister Beslan Eshba was denied registration – in the opinion of the linguistic commission, he is not fluent enough in the official state language.

June 04, 2014 11:35

June 01, 2014 22:20

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