Terror acts in Moscow and Caucasus

June 08, 2019 00:00

April 29, 2019 22:03

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April 24, 2019 15:20

  • Key witnesses testify in favour of Aslan Yandiev

    Umar Khadziev and Ruslan Tsurov, sentenced in cases on terror acts committed in North Ossetia, deny the prosecutor's version in the Aslan Yandiev's case. Both witnesses state that they do not know Aslan Yandiev and that they confessed to the crimes under torture.

April 23, 2019 22:54

April 09, 2019 22:19

April 02, 2019 11:28

  • Editor of "Pravda Beslana" explains re-publication of Basaev's letter to Putin

    For the second time since July 2018, the "Roskomnadzor" has demanded to remove the page from the "Pravda Beslana" (Beslan Truth) website, which shows a copy terrorists' note from the school captured in 2004, Marina Litvinovich, the editor of the website dedicated to the inquiry into the terror act, has reported. She treats the demand as absurd and renamed the page with the letter.

March 29, 2019 11:18

March 28, 2019 18:33

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