11 October 2008, 13:50

A shop selling alcohol exploded in Ingushetia

On October 10 around midnight, unknown persons exploded the shop "Baltika" selling alcoholic beverage in the village of Ordzhonikidze, Sunzhensk district, Ingushetia. No one suffered as a result of the explosion, reports press-service of Ingushetia Ministry of Interior.

This is far from the first incident in the republic. Virtually each week, unknown persons destroy shops and kiosks selling alcohol in Ingushetia. During the last 2 months alone, at least 14 attacks, not counting the above incident, have been registered in the republic. The attacks (mostly in the form of arson) are directed against shops and public catering establishments which sell alcohol and tobacco. Some of the events had a mass character - several shops and kiosks selling alcohol were set fire on simultaneously.

The imam of a mosque in Nazran, with whom the "Caucasian Knot" correspondent talked, considers the actions of those who set fire on or explode such retail outlets as justified. In accordance with Islam, sail and consumption of alcohol is strictly forbidden, he explains.

"Although Ingushetia is part of a civil state, Moslem laws, such as sharia,  are equally enforced here and many issues are resolved by Ingushetians through them. Now, in conformance with sharia, no trade in alcohol is permissible and those who deal with it must be condemned and, if they refuse to stop the trade, must be punished ", claims the imam.

The imam is sure that the shops are burned on the religious grounds. However, he considers that a prior warning of the tradesmen is a mandatory precondition of such "reprisal". In his opinion, no individual may administer justice, this requires an approval of authoritative religious figures.

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