18 July 2008, 13:45

Public prosecutor beaten in Chechnya was threatened for participating in trial of "Gorets" fighters

The acting public prosecutor of the Zavodskoy District of the city of Grozny, who was beaten yesterday in the capital of Chechnya was threatened for his participation in the trial on the case of two former fighters of the special FSB (Federal Security Bureau) detachment named "Gorets" (Mountaineer), which was disbanded in 2006.

"On the fact of yesterday's attack in Grozny on the acting public prosecutor of the Zavodskoy District, the Investigatory Committee at the Russian Prosecutor's Office for the Chechen Republic has opened a criminal case under Article 296 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation ("Threat or violent actions related to execution of justice or preliminary investigation")," said a source from the Republic's Prosecutor's Office. "The attackers beat the prosecutor right at the building of the District Court, threatened to kill him and then disappeared."

"The Zavodskoy District Court considered the case of Isaev and Makaev, two former fighters of the 'Gorets' special regiment accused under three Articles of the Russian Criminal Code, which envision punishments for murder, crimes against justice and robbery (Articles 105, 316 and 162 of the RF CC, accordingly)," the source has also informed.

He has added that in this trial prosecutor Remizov acted as state prosecutor. "The unknown persons who attacked him were, most likely, either former 'colleagues' of the defendants or their relatives. They openly threatened to kill the prosecutor for his participation in the trial," he said.

Author: Muslim Ibragimov, CK correspondent;

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