30 August 2003, 14:29

Mother of missing Chechen appealed to prosecutor's office

As it was reported at the Society for the Russian-Chechen Friendship, Petimat Khungayeva, a mother of Esiyev Artur Ruslanovich (1981 year born), has appealed to the Society's Ingush office recently. She asked to help her in the search of her son. She handed over a text of her application submitted to the Prosecutor General of the Chechen Republic.

The application reads that Esiyev Artur was detained by officers of the Russian power structures of the Urus-Martan region on February 14, 2002. At the moment of detention he stayed in House 159, Sovetskaya Street, Urus-Martan along with his friends. He was spending the night there because of the curfew. In the morning Artur, his two friends and the masters of the house, brothers Djabrailovs, were conveyed to the Urus-Martan Regional Interior Department. In the course of this operation the Department's officers used military equipment: two APCs and 3 Ural trucks, as well as weapons. As a result one of the brothers Djabrailovs, Islam, was wounded. He was given first medical aid and sent to the Urus-Martan regional hospital. His brother was released from the regional interior department in the evening of the same day. The other three men including Artur Esiyev are on the missing-list to this very day.

Source: Society for Russian-Chechen Friendship

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