30 August 2003, 13:38

Appeal of Chechen non-government organizations to Czech authorities and international community

About 30 human rights and public organizations of the Chechen Republic signed an appeal to the Czech authorities and international community on August 28, 2003. Here are some extracts from this appeal:

"The reports from refugees living in the camp "Vyshniye Lgoty" near the city of Astrava say that the situation in the camp is close to a humane catastrophe.

First, they are virtually blocked from the outer world in the sphere of information. They have been rudely deprived of their right to use mobile communications to get through to their relatives or acquaintances. The communications are under a strict control of the police.

Second, it is strictly prohibited to move on the camp territory. Third, huts are overcrowded. Humane and medical aid is delivered irregularly, There are some facts of emaciation because of malnutrition, especially among children. Forth, refugees say with indignation that their medical service is on a very low level."

"In this connection, we appeal to the Czech authorities with a strong request to take control over the situation, and we expect international human rights organizations to come out immediately on all available levels in favor of defense of rights and liberties of the Chechen refugees living on the Czech territory. We ask to provide normal humane conditions for living in your country in accordance with the requirements of the international Convention on Refugees."

Source: Public organization "Chechen National Rescue Committee"

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