12 July 2008, 16:19

Kabardino-Balkaria celebrates 300th anniversary of victory over Crimean khan

Kabardino-Balkaria is holding celebrations dedicated to defeat of Crimeans in the valley of River Malka on Mount Kanzhal plateau.

Earlier this year leaders of a number of Republic's public organizations addressed their initiative to celebrate the historical date to President of Kabardino-Balkaria Arsen Kanokov.

One of the events on the celebrations agenda was the All-Russia Scientific Conference that opened yesterday, on July 11, in Nalchik.

"The Kanzhal battle played a decisive role in defeat of the Crimean Khanate and changed the disposition of forces in Eastern Europe in the beginnings of the 18th century," Doctor of History and President of the International Circassian Association Kasbulat Dzamikhov told journalists. As he said, at the conference, scientists plan to consider and summarize the new data, now in scientific circulation after opening of historical archives and other sources, the Internet portal "Sk-news.ru" reports.

"The rout of the Crimean-Tatar army at the Kanzhal had a key value, in fact, the shattering defeat of Crimeans prevented the Crimean Khanate from supporting Swedes in the Poltava battle," Dr Dzamikhov has emphasized, having explained that Kabarda, being Russia's ally, was regularly drawing off the forces of Ottoman and Crimean khans.

Among the offered events within celebrating the 300th anniversary of the Kanzhal battle are the installation of a 30-metre high stela on Mount Kanzhal, and in Nalchik - opening of a memorial.

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