28 August 2003, 22:54

Teachers and doctors of Ust-Donetsk held meeting of protest

Teachers and doctors of Ust-Donetsk held the meeting of protest on August 25. The Committee of the Russian Communist Party in the Rostov region says that people are displeased with the fact that this year they have been deprived of their privileges for housing and public utilities payments for the second time already.

The administration of the Ust-Donetsk region considers the meeting unfounded as the teachers and doctors continue to enjoy their privileges and the communal services have not done any disconnections.

Ust-Donetsk Regional Administration Deputy Head Victor Gusnai said that the participants of the meeting were demanding that the delivery of the letters from communal services be halted as they contain information that all privileges will to be eliminated. The doctors have an extra demand: they want to get payment for unfixed working hours. However, as Victor Gusnai said, they got a suggestion to start working 8 hours a day, but they refused to do it.

Source: Don-TR Internet Channel

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April 23, 2019 10:54

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