25 March 2008, 13:19

Public prosecutor asks three years of colony-settlement for the ATC driver who knocked down a woman in North Ossetia

Today, the Military Prosecutor's Office of North Ossetia held the final session on the case of soldier Darkhan Seitmagambetov, accused of killing a woman in November 2007 with the BTR-80 armoured troop carrier (ATC) that he was driving. Tomorrow, on March 26, the court will announce its verdict.

The today's court session has studied the documents that characterize the personality of the defendant, namely, a characteristic certificate from Seitmagambetov's residence, his service and medical certificates.

The documents evidence that the defendant proved himself on the positive, both at his residence and at service. Seitmagambetov was never registered by psychiatrist or narcologist; he was never brought to militia.

The state prosecutor has treated this crime in the category of medium gravity and asked to appoint punishment to the defendant in the form of three years of imprisonment in a free settlement colony, and also to deprive him the right to drive any machinery for the term of one year.

"It was not done on purpose. I repent very much and beg pardon. This is a great grieve, and I did not want it to happen. Forgive me, please," defendant Seitmagambetov said in his last plea.

Author: Emma Marzoyeva, CK correspondent;

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