22 September 1999, 15:03

On Prohibition of Wahhabite and Other Extremist Activities in the Territory of the Republic Dagestan

The present Law has been adopted with the aim of nonadmission of Wahhabite and other extremist activities in the territory of the Republic Dagestan.

Article 1. The following shall be recognized to be contradictory to the Constitution of the Republic Dagestan, a threat to territorial integrity and safety of the Republic and declared prohibited in the territory of the Republic Dagestan:

  • Establishment and operation of Wahhabite and other extremist organizations (associations), the activities of which are aimed towards a violent change of the constitutional order, disruption of the safety of the state, violation of public safety and public order, creation of armed formations, propaganda of war, kindling of national, racial and religious enmity, encroachment on the rights and freedoms of citizens, instigation of citizens to refuse to perform one's civil duties established by the law and fulfilment of other illegal actions;
  • Activities of religious missions, their branches, religious educational institutions, charitable and other foundations, military-sporting and other camps, individual missionaries, and individuals (physical persons), which and who advocate the ideas of extremist character;
  • Production, storage and dissemination of printed editions, film, photo, audio and video products and other materials bearing the ideas of extremism and separatism, opposition of people by their nationality or confessional belonging, and appeals to violent change of the existing constitutional order.

Article 2. Education of citizens of the Republic Dagestan at religious educational establishments outside the Republic of Dagestan and outside the Russian Federation shall be allowed only by direction of the management body of the Republic's religious organization, coordinated with the state body on the matters of religions of the Republic Dagestan.

Article 3. Training at religious educational establishments shall be conducted according to the curricula approved by the management body of the Republic's religious organization.

The persons who are teaching religious disciplines at religious educational establishments or in the private order shall have religious education and carry out their activities with the permit issued by the management body of the Republic's religious organization.

Article 4. All the religious organizations acting in the territory of the Republic Dagestan shall be subject to re-registration within three months after coming into force of the present Law.

Registration of local religious organizations shall be made by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic Dagestan upon conclusion of the Expert's Panel of the Republic's religious organization.

Article 5. The persons guilty of breaching the requirements of Articles 1-4 of the present Law, unless their actions entail criminal liability as stipulated by the legislation, shall be brought to administrative responsibility in the form of an administrative arrest for 15 days or a fine at a rate of 100-500 minimum monthly wages.

Article 6. Proceedings on the cases of administrative offences as stipulated by the present Law shall be conducted in the order established by the Code of the RSFSR (Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic) on Administrative Offences.

Article 7. Protocols on administrative offences as stipulated by the present Law shall be drawn up by the officials of Rural, Settlement, District and City Administrations, and by law-enforcement (interior) bodies.

With the aim of timely and due qualitative preparation of materials for the protocols, local administrations shall found their Expert's Panels consisting of representatives of local administrations and local religious organizations.

Article 8. The present Law shall come into force from the date of its official publication.

Chairman of the State Council of the Republic Dagestan

Makhachkala, September 22, 1999

Note: The Law was passed by the National Assembly of the Republic Dagestan on September 16, 1999.

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