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Djaparidze, Prokofy Aprasionovich

Party nickname ? Alyosha.

Russia's Revolutionary movement activist, one of the leaders of struggle for the Soviet power in Azerbaijan. Member of the Communist Party since 1898.

Born January 3 (15), 1880, in the village of Shardometi, Georgia, in a family of a squire. In 1896-1900, studied in Alexandrovsky Teacher College in Tiflis. In summer 1900, actively participated in organizing a railroad workers' strike, for which was expelled from the college, arrested, imprisoned in Metekhi castle for 11 months, and exiled to Kutaisi Province. In 1901-1904, was a member of Imeretin-Mingreli and Caucasian Union Committees of RSDRP (Russian Social Democratic Workers' Party). In August 1904, conducted propaganda activities in Baku among oil extinction workers, was a member of Baku Committee of RSDRP and one of the founders of the Azerbaijani Social Democrat Gummet group. In December 1904, was the leader of Baku's general strike. In 1905, was a delegate of the Baku Party Organization to the Third Congress of RSDRP, where he got acquainted with V.I. Lenin. In 1906-1908, participated in publishing Bolshevik newspaper and magazines Bakinsky Rabochy (Baku Worker), Prizyv (Appeal), Koch-Devet, Gudok (the Hoot), and Volna (Wave). In 1906-1909, was a secretary of the Union of Oil Workers administration; organized struggle for collective bargaining with the entrepreneurs. Led party activities in Rostov-on-Don and the Kuban region. In 1908-1911, was repeatedly arrested, was exiled to Veliky Ustyug for three years. Starting June 1914, worked in Tiflis Bolshevik organization. In May 1915, was arrested again and exiled to the village of Kamenka, Yenisei Province, which he fled soon for Tiflis. In Trapezund, led revolutionary propaganda among the Russian army soldier using the last name of Baratov. After the 1917 February Revolution, arrived in Baku and was elected a member of the Baku Committee of RSDRP. Along with S.G. Shaumyan, N.N. Narimanov, M. Azizbekov, S.M. Efendiev, I.T. Fioletov and others, headed Baku's proletariat's struggle for the socialist revolution. In August 1917, was a delegate of the Baku Party organization to the Sixth Congress of RSDRP(b); at the Congress, was elected a candidate to the Central Committee of RSDRP(b). In September 1917, was the chairman of the strike committee, headed the general strike of Baku workers which finished in their victory. Starting December 1917, was the deputy chairman, and starting January 1918 - the chairman of Executive Committee of Baku Soviet. In March 1918, was a member of Revolution Defense Committee, which administered the suppression of the Musavatists' counter-revolution insurgency. Starting 1918, was simultaneously a Commissar of Internal Affairs of Baku Council of National Commissars. In 1918, was appointed Provision Commissar.

After temporary overthrow of the Soviet power in Baku on July 31, 1918, P.A. Djaparidze was arrested and on the night of September 20, 1918, was shot by Esers and English interventionists among the Baku Commissars at the 207th milestone of Transcaucasian Railroad.


Selected Articles, Speeches, and Letters. 1905-1918. Moscow, 1958.

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