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David the Builder

David the Fourth Georgievich (b. ca. 1073 ? d. Jan. 1125), Georgian czar (starting 1089) of the Bagrationi dynasty. Major statesman, succeeded in unification of the Georgian duchies into a united centralized state. In 1097, David the Builder discontinued paying tribute to the Seljuks and thus reinstated Georgia's independence; joined Kakheti and Ereti, as well as other lands, to his possessions (1104). In August 1121, the Georgian troops defeated a multitudinous army of a Muslim rulers' coalition in the battle of Didgor. In 1122, freeing Tbilisi, David the Builder transferred the nation's capital there from Kutaisi. Finding support in military noblemen and the higher levels of urban tradesmen and craftsmen, David the Builder struggled for power centralization. In 1118-1120, David the Builder created a regular army under the czar's command which operated along with citizens-in-arms. In 1123-1124, freed Shirvan and the city of Ani of Seljuks. David the Builder paid much attention to the construction of cities, roadways, bridges, palaces, and inns. An educated person and a book aficionado, David the Builder promoted education and founded Gelat Academy. For his activities, was nicknamed the Builder.

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  • Ten signs of fabrication in Oyub Titiev's case reported before verdict

    On March 18, in Chechnya, a court will pronounce the verdict to Oyub Titiev, the head of the Human Rights Centre (HRC) "Memorial" office in Grozny. The defence has managed to draw attention to the trial, and that fact will positively affect the Oyub Titiev's reputation and security, his advocate believes. The HRC "Memorial" presented 10 facts proving the falsification of the Oyub Titiev's case.

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