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Galazov, Akhsarbek Hadjimurzaevich

Politician and statesman. Ex-President of the Republic of North Ossetia ? Alania.

Born October 15, 1929 in the village of Khumalag, Pravoberezhny County, North Ossetia. In 1938, his father was illegally repressed and several years later deceased in penitentiary; rehabilitated posthumously. In 1952, A.H. Galazov graduated from North-Ossetian State Pedagogic Institute. In 1952-1958, worked as a teacher of Russian and Russian literature in Khumalag high school. In 1958-1959, was a school inspector of the Ministry of Education of North-Ossetian ASSR (Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic). In 1959-1960, was director of the Teacher Continuing-Education Institute. Since 1960, was instructor of the North-Ossetian Regional Committee of the KPSS (Communist Party of the Soviet Union) on education issues. In 1961-1975, was Minister of Education of North-Ossetian ASSR. In 1974, defended a thesis Organizational Pedagogic Issues of Delivering Mass High-School Education in a National Republic (Using the Experience of North-Ossetian ASSR) in the General Pedagogy Institute of the USSR Academy of Pedagogic Sciences and received a degree of Master of Pedagogy (kandidat pedagogicheskikh nauk). In 1975-1976, was a deputy chairman of the Council of Ministers of North-Ossetian ASSR. In 1976-1990, was rector of North-Ossetian State University named after K.L. Khetagurov. In 1990 through November 1991, occupied the positions of first secretary of North-Ossetian Regional Committee of KPSS and chairman of the Supreme Council of North Ossetia. In 1990-1991, was a member of Central Committee of KPSS. In 1990-1993, was elected people's deputy of RSFSR (Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic).

With GKChP's (State Emergency Committee) takeover of the power in 1991, announced state of emergency in the Republic and created Republican Emergency Committee. Upon GKChP's defeat, Galazov's resignation was discussed in the Supreme Council of North Ossetia but not supported.

During the military conflict in South Ossetia, sanctioned humanitarian aid to the Republic. Had tried not to undertake noticeable actions directed at Georgia's blockade until the blockade was set from beneath. Proclaimed peaceful solution to the South Ossetia status issue. According to his opinion, sovereignty of the Republics of South Ossetia, Abkhazia, and Ajaria must be acknowledged within the Georgian Federation.

Accused Ingush national extremists in starting the Ingush-Ossetian conflict in 1992. Denounced North-Ossetia's breakaway from the Russian Federation, even though once declared a possibility of its reunification with South Ossetia and creation of a new country of Alania.

In November 1993, campaigned for the Deputy of the Federation Council. Ran independently during the election. A total of four candidates declared in the constituency. 61.26% of the registered voters took part in voting. Galazov won getting 53.54% of votes. A. H. Galazov was a member of the Federation Council of both first and second convocations.

In January 1994, A.H. Galazov was elected the first President of the Republic of North Ossetia and occupied this position until 1998.

Continues social and political activities. Until recently, was a member of the Political Council of Edinstvo (Unity) Party.

Has multiple official awards.

Married, two sons and a daughter.


A. Galazov. Wars Start Easily and Quickly. It's Hard and Long to Get Out of Them.

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