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Boldyrev, Vladimir Anatolyevich

Russian military commander. Commander-in-chief of the North-Caucasus Military District.

Born January 5, 1949, in a settlement of Krasnoyarsky, Volgograd Region. In 1971, graduated from Moscow Higher General Military Command College. Was a commander of a platoon, squadron, and battalion in Byelorussian Military District and Central Command in Czechoslovakia. In 1978, graduated from Military Academy named after Frunze. Starting 1978, was a senior officer of the Army Operations Department. In 1979-1985, served in Mongolia as a Chief of Staff, vehicular regiment Commander, and Division Chief of Staff. In 1985-1990, was a division commander in Trans-Baikal Military District. In 1992, graduated from Military Academy of the General Staff. Starting 1992, Army Chief of Staff in Leningrad Military District. Starting 1994, was an Army Commander in Leningrad Military District. In 1996-1998, again took commandment positions in Trans-Baikal Military District. Starting December 1, 1998, was first deputy commander and Chief of Staff of Siberian Military District. On June 12, 1999, V.A. Boldyrev was promoted to colonel general. On May 28, 2001, was appointed commander of Siberian Military District.

In fall 2002, V.A. Boldyrev issued an order on educating and upbringing of 12-to-15-year-old homeless boys at several military commands of the District.

On December 18, 2002, Boldyrev was appointed Troops Commander of North-Caucasus Military District.

In Ministry of Defense and the General Staff, Vladimir Boldyrev is characterized as an accurate careerist, who has passed virtually all commandment and staff levels.

Awarded the order For Military Merits (orden "Za voennyye zaslugi") and thirteen medals.

Married, has a son.

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