Mosque 'The Heart of Chechnya' in Grozny. Photo: REUTERS/Maxim Shemetov

06 May 2019, 10:58

Chechen Muftiate sets mandatory Zakat and Kaffarat in Ramadan

In Chechnya, theologians have set the size of Zakat Al-Fitr (alms mandatory for Muslims) and Kaffarat (redemptive action for breaking the fast) in the amount of 100 and 50 roubles, respectively.

"The amount of Zakat Al-Fitr is set at three kilograms of wheat, and of the Kaffarat – as one kilogram. For those believers who want to pay Zakat Al-Fitr or Kaffarat in money, this will be 100 and 50 roubles, respectively. That is, 100 roubles is the amount of Zakat Al-Fitr from one family member, and 50 roubles for the missed or broken fasting during the month of Ramadan," the Spiritual Administration of Muslims (SAM, or Muftiate) of Chechnya has explained to the "Caucasian Knot" correspondent.

A SAM source has added that such a decision was made at a sitting held on May 2 at the Muftiate with the participation of leaders and theologians.

This year, the first day of fasting during the holy month of Ramadan falls on May 6, the "Chechnya Today" writes with reference to the Mufti of Chechnya, Salakh-Haji Mezhiev.

This article was originally published on the Russian page of 24/7 Internet agency ‘Caucasian Knot’ on May 5, 2019 at 06:41 am MSK. To access the full text of the article, click here.

Source: CK correspondent

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