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11 February 2019, 15:54

On February 4-10, 2019, one person fell victim to armed conflict in Northern Caucasus

During the week of February 4-10, 2019, one person was killed in the armed conflict in Northern Caucasus. These are the results of the calculations run by the "Caucasian Knot" based on its own materials and information from other open sources.

The deceased man was a law enforcer from Kabardino-Balkaria.

Attack on policemen in Kabardino-Balkaria

On February 4, Aslan Balkarov, an inspector of the road-and-patrol service (known as DPS), died in a hospital from injuries got during an attack on a DPS checkpoint in Nalchik on January 25. After the attack, Aslan Balkarov was brought to the Republican Clinical Hospital and then transferred to Moscow for treatment, but doctors did not succeed in saving his life.

Detentions in Dagestan

On February 4, law enforcers took away with them 19-year-old Abdul Magomedov after a search at his home in Khasavyurt, and his fate remained unknown for three days, his relatives reported. According to them, an armoured personnel carrier drove up to the house, and two armed men in camouflage uniforms came out of it together with four civilians, two of whom served as witnesses during the search. The law enforcers refused to produce their official IDs and documents confirming their right to conduct a search, noted relatives of the detainee. During the search in the house, the law enforcers found a grenade. According to the relatives of the young man, it had been planted. Then the law enforcers took Abdul Magomedov away with them to some unknown destination. Advocate Madina Khanmagomedova found out that on February 7, materials of the Abdul Magomedov's case were transferred to the Khasavyurt District Court, and the young man was arrested for two months on the charge of creating an illegal armed formation (IAF) and illicit arms trafficking. According to the advocate, the law enforcers tortured Abdul Magomedov with electric current to force him to confess to the creation of a militant unit. The confessions in the case were also given by two local residents, Khanmagomed Isubov and Sergey Kourdakov. Investigators treat the latter as an organizer of an IAF. According to the case file, the policemen found at his place a self-made revolver and rounds, reported the advocate.

On February 8, in Makhachkala, Idris Yusupov, a journalist of the newspaper "Novoye Delo" (New Cause), was detained near a mosque in Omarov Street. According to law enforcers, he was taken to the Soviet ROVD (District Interior Division) "for identification." Idris Yusupov himself reported he was detained after he was filming the detention of mosque-goers after the Friday namaz (prayer). The journalist was released from the ROVD without any explanation one hour after his delivery. One of the men detained near the Salafi mosque said that the law enforcers wanted to draw up against him and two other believers the protocols on disobedience to employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA), but then the policeman tore the document.

This article was originally published on the Russian page of 24/7 Internet agency ‘Caucasian Knot’ on February 11, 2019 at 08:25 am MSK. To access the full text of the article, click here.

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