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Bebutov, Vasily Osipovich

Russian military commander, infantry general (since 1856).

Originated from an ancient Armenian princely family. Born in 1791 in the city of Tiflis. Received education in the First Cadet Corps, from which graduated in 1809 as an ensign to join Herson Grenadier Regiment. During the Russo-Turkish War of 1806-1812, participated in the battle of Akhaltsikh (1810). Was active warrior of the 1812 Patriotic War. In 1816, returned to the Caucasus and became commander-in-chief A.P. Ermolov's adjutant. In 1817, accompanied Ermolov in his Extraordinary Embassy to Persia. In 1819, took part in several operations against Dagestani highlanders, in 1820 ? in the conquest of Kazi-Kumykh khanate and Khozrek village assault.

In 1825, Bebutov was appointed the commander of the Second Brigade of the 22nd Infantry Division and Vicegerent of Imeretia. During the Russo-Turkish War of 1828-1829, participated in Akhaltsikh conquest and managed Akhaltsikh Region. In 1830, was appointed the head of Armenia Province recently regained from the Turks. Starting 1838, Bebutov was a member of the Transcaucasian Area Management Council, later a member of the Army Headquarters in Poland, interim commandant of Zamostye fortress, later was with the Caucasian Special Corps.

In early 1844, V.O. Bebutov was appointed army commander for Northern and Highland Dagestan. In 1846, Russian troops under Bebutov's command defeated Shamil's detachments at the village of Kutishi. In late 1847, Bebutov became the head of the civil administration and Supreme Administration Council chairman of the Transcaucasian Region. In 1853-1854, was the commander of the Caucasian Corps, defeated Turks at Bashkadyklar and Kyuryuk-Dara. In late 1854, Bebutov was re-appointed the head of the civil administration in the Caucasus. In early 1858, Bebutov became the member of the State Council.

V.O. Bebutov deceased in Tiflis on March 10, 1858.

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