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They call themselves tat.

An ethnic group in Iran. Their population is about 300 thousand people. Their separate villages are scattered in the north-western part of Iran plateau between the cities of Teheran and Kazvin, in the mountainous district of Talican and in the plain district Zokhra. Their main occupations are agriculture and horticulture. Their language and way of life is close to that of Persians.

Nation in the Caucasus. Tats mainly live in Azerbaijan and Dagestan; small groups live in the republics of the North Caucasus (within the Russian Federation). Their population is about 25 thousand people. They belong to the small Balkan-Caucasus race of the big European race. They speak the Tat language of the Iran group of the Indo-European family. The language has two mutually understood dialects: southern and northern. The northern dialect is one of the literary languages of Dagestan. Russian and Azerbaijan languages are also common among the Tats. Written language is bases on Russian alphabet. Religious people are Moslems-shiits, Judaists and Christians-monoficits. Their culture is similar to that of Azerbaijanians and the people of Dagestan.

Their traditional occupations are agriculture, horticulture, vine-growing as well as trades. Traditional female dress is a long shirt, trousers (shovol), a long body conscience silhouette dress, a single-back overcoat, a kerchief and morocco chuviaki; male costume - a cherkeska with a dagger on a belt, a papakha (tall fur hat). Many Tats live in the cities and are busy in the industry; they have intelligentsia.

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December 12, 2019 17:34

  • Chechen officials neglect US sanctions

    Ruslan Alkhanov, Chechen Minister of Internal Affairs, invited the United States to include all Chechen policemen in the US sanctions list. The Chechen Minister's proposal demonstrates his allegiance to Ramzan Kadyrov, who is also under the US sanctions, local residents suggest. Instagram users ironically commented on the sanctions imposed by the US Department of State.

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December 12, 2019 11:29

  • Rights defenders analyze background of the First Chechen War

    The first military campaign in Chechnya had been brewing since 1990, and was carried out without any account of expert estimates; launching a war machine in its worst form cost tens of thousands of human lives, analysts have concluded on the 25th anniversary of the advent of federal troops into Chechnya.

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