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Shikhlinsky, Ali-aga Ismail ogly

Azerbaijani military commander.

Born 1865 in the city of Gazakhe, Azerbaijan. Received high education in Tiflis; in 1886, graduated from St. Petersburg Artillery College and obtained his first military rank - junior ancient.

Pursued his further military service in Alexandropole and Transbaikalia. During the Russo-Japanese War of 1904-1905, commanded the battery in Port Arthur fortress. For the heroism and courage performed, was awarded a gold dress sword and promoted to lieutenant colonel ahead of time. After the war, in 1906, Shikhlinsky was enlisted in Tsarskoye Selo Artillery College for raising his skills and in 1907 became an instructor at this college. In 1910, his first book, Usage of Field Artillery in Battle, was published. In 1912, Shikhlinsky was promoted to artillery major general. During the early stage of the WWI, A.I. Shikhlinsky was appointed the commander of the St. Petersburg garrison artillery; in January 1915, became the artillery commander of the West Front. In early 1917, Shikhlinsky was promoted to artillery lieutenant general; during the Interim Government's rule, Shikhlinsky was appointed the commander of the 10th army of the West Front. After the October Revolution of 1917, Shikhlinsky resigned and returned to Azerbaijan. Shikhlinsky was a deputy military minister in the government of Azerbaijani Democratic Republic and did a lot for the creation of independent Azerbaijan's army. After the establishment of the Soviet power in Azerbaijan, he worked in the Commissariat of Military and Navy Forces of the Republic; also was an instructor and a deputy principal of a military college. In 1926, Shikhlinsky published Russian-Azerbaijan Concise Military Dictionary and resigned the same year. Later, engaged in creative activities. Authored a book My Memoirs, translated Azerbaijani writers' works into Russian.

For the military service in the Czar's army, A.I. Shikhlinsky was awarded the orders of St. Anna of all degrees, fourth-degree order of St. George, second-, third-, and fourth-degree orders of St. Vladimir, and first-, second-, and third-degree orders of St. Stanislav. Was also awarded several orders of France.

Ali-aga Ismail ogly Shikhlinsky died in Baku in 1943. His name was given to a street in the city of Gazakhe. Several books and articles were dedicated to his life; in particular, his heroism and courage were described in N.A. Stepanov's novels Port Arthur and Zvonaryov Family.

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