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The address of the right-preserving movement "Law above Power" to the Western Society

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The right-preserving movement "Law above Power" ( "LaP" ) and the National Party of the Republic of South Ossetia draws the attention of the Western Society to the fact, that beginning with Shevardnadze's administration, Georgia had been rejecting all projects, brought forward by the European Union and the West, accepted by South Ossetia! Western politicians do not insist on their own proposals, despite the insistency of South Ossetia. That's why we address the Western society and call it to put an end to this criminal process.

Since 1996 the Western politician totally began to contradict their own directives of regulation between Georgia and South Ossetia! The position of Europe towards Goergian-Ossetian conflict regulation, again declared in Berlin on 26-27 November 2001 on the conference "South Caucasus- unstable region of frozen conflicts".

The position of the European Union was formulated by the representative of the OCSE Mission in Georgia Claus Rasmusen, who said, that "the solution of questions, concerning security guarantees can only be found after global investigation of matters, which had led to the conflict, and which will represent a very clear picture of the political will and role of the participants of international level, including international organizations".

Three conditions of the ideology of regulation of European Union are obvious: 1. It is necessary to investigate the reasons, that caused the conflict, globally, that is, in modern traditions and in the international right system; 2. It is necessary to examine the political persons, who led to conflict, in the same global ideology; 3. only a clear picture of all interests of persons and sides in the conflict, investigated in the context of political traditions, acting nowadays in the world and international right, is able to guarantee the security of the sides in reconciliation. It is easy for the society in the West and in South Ossetia to understand the strategy of European Union, and it is precisely built up on the Lessons of 1945, on which the whole world structure is based after 1945! The logic is irreproachable- it is necessary to investigate all the interests and persons in conflict in global ideology and practice of regulations.

However, the position of Shevardnadze in Berlin is quite the opposite: "...if the Ossetians or the Georgians were guilty- now it isn't practically important... there is no sense in examining the past and deepening into what were the real reasons of the conflict in the beginning..." Here are the three conditions of this position: 1. It is not important which side, Georgian or Ossetian, is guilty in the conflict; 2. It isn't important who personally is to be blame from Georgian and Ossetian side; 3. There isn't any practical sense in global investigation of all interests of persons and sides in conflict. It is obvious, that the Georgian ideology of regulation rejects all the three points of the ideology of regulation of the European Union! Despite the unity of positions of the European Union and South Ossetia, officials in the mass media and in Internet hush up the requirements of the right-preservers... Is it an agreement?

Looks like that! For example- the position of South Ossetia in Berlin was expressed K.Dzugaev. Не declared in Berlin the position of the North Ossetian President Dzasohov. He said: "Ossetian and Georgian people had already regulated their relations, and the only thing the politicians have to do, is to consolidate the results". This is a shortly expressed, but politically absolutely concrete position.

Here are the three conditions of this ideology of regulation: 1. Shevardnadze was right even more, than he considered and the European Union is late with its project of regulation; 2. The conflict is already regulated without the participation of politicians by Ossetian and Georgian peoples themselves; 3. Politicians are only left to fix the results, achieved by peoples without politicians. It is obvious, that Dzasohov's position is clearly a corrected version of Shevardnadze's position- it had also rejected the three conditions of the European Union.

Georgian and North Ossetian positions contradict those of the European Union and of South Ossetia- and abruptly contradict all the evaluations of conflict in the world and in Ossetia.

Meanwhile, the Georgian positions are known since 1988, when both, Georgians and South Ossetians, were still the constituents of the USSR- here is its short expression in a communist newspaper of Georgia of those years ("Аhalgazrda Kommunisti"-Young Communist 29.06.1989)- "we must try to take all measures, so that the percent of Georgian population increase from 61 to 95". "All measures to make the correlation of Georgians and non-Georgians 95 to 5, had been taken in Georgia since 1989 too. They actively started to oust Ossetians from Georgia, forbid Ossetians to have more, than two children and soon one hundred and fifty thousand Ossetians were expelled from Georgia... And here is the data from nowadays Georgian press, published on Western money: in Tbilisi newspaper "General Newspaper" 12-18.12.2004, journalist Iya Amazashvili informs, that Georgia had already achieved the result of correlation 83 to 17... this is the policy of Gamsakhurdia-Shevardnadze-Saakashvili on creation of a mono-ethnic state, and it is got under way on the money, invested by Europe and USA, but the European Union and the UNO keep silence! Chief of the South Caucasus institute of regional security in Tbilisi, expert-conflictologist Aleksandr Rusetski, while evaluating the Ossetian-Georgian conflict, states the objective of the West: "creation of mono-ethnic states and formations- is a fascist theory" (the same "General Newspaper 12-18 Dec.2004)! the result is shown: on hundreds of millions of dollars, that the West gives to Georgia- it realizes the fascist theory!?

So why does the West pay for Georgian fascism? The same A. Rusetsky in the same newspaper noted, that the USA that year had allocated, and quite fairly too, the Karabakh- another unacknowledged Caucasus Republic- eleven million dollars, and not a cent to South Ossetia- the victim of fascism...

On the contrary- the USA assigned hundreds of millions of dollars against the victim of fascism South Ossetia: arm the Army of the fascist Georgia! Moreover- Saakashvili- who continues all these "achievements of Georgian democracy" after Gamsakhurdia and Shevardnadze, is acknowledged at Brussels as "the European of the year" (Levan Iremashvili, "General Newspaper" 12-18 Dec.2004).

The right-preservers of Ossetia warn the societies of Europe and the USA about such work of its politicians- even judging by the above given data of the Georgian press, this fascist project had last already for 16 years: they discuss it behind-the-scene in Europe and UNO- and finance it...

The beginning to this policy was put by furer-Gamsakhurdia!

To be on the fascist side- for the USA army- is a betrayal of American values! This is an extremely dangerous tendency- to reduce the Caucasus also to the antagonism of fascism and anti-fascism, while there already are the problems of terrorism of other nature. Ignoring of this process by the democratic Russian press, continuing silence of Western politicians and Western mass media at a provocative rejection of Georgia to regulate the conflict in accordance with international standards- is a dangerous symptom of tolerance to fascism in the separately taken region of Caucasus!

The conviction has formed during these years at right-preservers of Ossetia, that a sordid political Game is organized- even there, where until now it wasn't noticed: on the 3d of February Mathew Ganapolsky discussed the policy of Georgia and the role of tragically diseased Z.Zhvania in it. And he stressed, that "Georgia- is a specific country, and Georgians- are specific people". This is not permissible in a political program; this is unforgivable in a program about politicians!!!

On 2 of February at "Echo of Moscow" at Venedictov's, a TV presenter V.V.Pozner was speaking. He was demonstrating, that acknowledgement by Russia the independence of South Ossetia is not permissible, because, in his opinion, "South Ossetia and Abkhazia had always been parts of Georgia..." But that isn't true- they were not parts of Georgia even in the beginning of Soviet times: the obvious lack of historical education, but it is forgivable... But what is really unforgivable- is to ignore the requirements of the right-preservers with materials and Shevardnadze's personal assessments and those of the Georgian dissidents of the theme of fascism in Georgia!!! It is disgraceful, when even on the democratic radio "Echo of Moscow" absolutely inadmissible political evaluations of races and peoples take their course, and they're done by kind of adherents of anti-fascism and democracy...

It is unforgivable to hush up the fascism of any Special People, including Georgian fascism! Otherwise, why not take into consideration "the specialness of German country" and "special standards of German people", and taking into consideration its specialness, "ask Russia to give back Kaliningrad"... or "ask Chekhia give back Selizia"... or ask the Jews to forget fascism as misunderstanding. Or maybe the Ossetians are such "special people", that they deserved expulsion from their Motherland by fascists? Or there is "particularity" of fascism of the German, anв the "particularity" of Georgian fascism? By all signs, a barrier is created to prevent a penetration of the truthful information from Georgia, and especially, from South Ossetia.

We address the Western society: what would happen with the Western society, if in Germany they would declare, that Nazi laws of Hitler were "democratic"? In the beginning of 2002 Shevardnadze issued an edict about the immortalization oа the memory of furer-Gamsakhurdia!!! In 1997 he rejected any forms of restitution.

During all these years western politicians "wouldn't notice" this, in spite of the protests of the democrats and right-preservers of Ossetia! It was nearly by the very first decree, that President Saakashvili manifested the continuation of the restoration of the ideology and policy of fascism: by the decree of 2004 Gamsakhurdia is elevated almost to the rank of the holies... this was consolidated by the resolutions of Georgian Parliament in 2004- this also remained "unnoticed" by Western politicians. It isn't excluded, that it is exactly what was meant be the Jewish composition of intellectuals of the radio "Echo of Moscow"- ideology and practice of fascism in Georgia as "particularity of its people". Otherwise, it is impossible to understand such selectivity of intellect of this radio in regard of the fascism in Georgia as fascism of "particular people"... Than why not call to immortalize the memory of Hitler in Germany and pay pensions to the veterans of fascism- this is already being done in Georgia! Anyway, we remind, that the Ossetians head the list of peoples by number of the Heroes of the Soviet Union per-capita in war against fascists 1941-1945, in which the Jews are also in the first ten.

A question to the Western society: can you address the Jews with the same proposals, which the West suggests to Ossetians? Are you able to suggest the Jews to live in a state with everyday ideology and policy of fascism, in a state, where at schools and institutions of higher education they study Hitlers legacy and establish monuments to furers of different levels, pay pensions to fascist etc.? If not, than this is exactly what the Western politicians thrust on Ossetians. We're sure, that the Western society could not support fascism nowhere and in no form. That's why we consider, that we're obliged to give information to study the situation with Georgian fascism again and again.

The right-preserving movement "Law above Power" ( "LaP" )

The National Party of the Republic of South Ossetia

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