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Chabukiani, Vakhtang Mikhaylovich

Georgian ballet dancer, choreographer, and pedagogue.

Born in Tiflis on February 27 (March 12), 1910. In 1924, graduated from M.I. Perini's ballet studio and worked in Georgia Opera and Ballet Theater named after Z.P. Paliashvili. In 1926, entered Leningrad Choreography College, graduated from it, and worked as a performer in Leningrad Opera and Ballet Theater in 1929-1941. Performed the leading roles of the classic repertoire.

His main features were sincerity and passion, his ability to completely dissolve in the character, be it Bazil's comedy role in Don Quixote by A.A. Gorsky (music by L. Minkus) or a romantic prince in one of M. Petipa's ballets. The dance itself in these old ballets projected a new impression as well. Chabukiani strengthened its virtuosity, saturated it with vaulting and spins, and thus giving strength and manliness to the characters. His own stagings opened exclusive opportunities for man's dancing, for example in Heart of the Mountains (music by A.M. Balanchivadze, 1937), where Chabukiani played the role of a young highlander Jardji leading the people's rebellion. One of the most impressive moments of the performance was a massive khorumi, a Georgian bellicose dance. The other staging ensuring Chabukiani's fame as a choreographer of heroic themes, was Laurencia (music by A.A. Krein, 1939) based on the plot of Lope de Vega's play Fuente ovejuna about a village that raised against a tyrant under peasant Frondoso's command.

Since 1941, Chabukiani lived and worked in Tbilisi, where he headed the ballet troupe of Opera and Ballet Theater named after Paliashvili until 1973; in 1950-1973, headed the local choreography college. Staged a number of performances using elements of the national culture in them: Sinatle (music by G.V. Kiladze), Gorda (music by D.A. Toradze, 1949), Othello (music by A.D. Machavariani, 1957), Daemon (music by S.F. Tsintsadze, 1961), and Hamlet (music by R.K. Gabichvadze, 1971).

V.M. Chabukiani deceased in Tbilisi on April 6, 1992.

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