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Tsitsianov, Pavel Dmitrievich

Prince, Russian military official, infantry general (1804).

Descendant of an ancient Georgian princely family of Tsitsishvili. Born in Moscow on September 8 (19),1754. In 1786, was appointed the commander of St. Petersburg Grenadier Regiment, with which he participated in the Russo-Turkish War of 1787-1791 and in the suppression of the Polish rebellion in 1794. In the Persian expedition of 1796, was an assistant to commander-in-chief V.A. Zubov. Since 1797, was demobilized; after the inauguration of Alexander the First, re-entered the military service. In 1802, was appointed the infantry inspector of the Caucasus, Military Governor of Astrakhan, and commander-in-chief of Georgia. In 1802, concluded friendship treaties with a number of Dagestani feudal lords; in 1803, conquered Djaro-Belokan fortress; in 1804, conquered Gyandji Khanate. By the means of negotiations, overcame the opposition of the Georgian feudal aristocracy and achieved Imeretia and Megrelia's joining to Russia. During the Russo-Iranian War of 1804-1805, commanded the repulsion of Abbas-mirza's Persian troops' attack and defeated them. In 1805, annexed Shekin, Karabakh, and Shirvani Khanates and Shurageli sultanate to Russia. In early 1806, Tsitsianov engaged in an expedition against Baku fortress, which was supported from the sea by Zavalishin's squadron. On February 8 (20), 1806, Tsitsianov was foully assassinated during the negotiations with Baku Khan on the fortress's capitulation.

In 1811, P.D. Tsitsianov's ashes were transported to Tiflis and buried in Sion Cathedral.

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