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13 September 2017, 11:35

Prosecutor's Office to challenge verdict to Makhachkala Mayor's son

The verdict of acquittal to Badrudin Musaev, accused of insulting Dagestani policemen and injuring one of them, has been pronounced in the absence of journalists. Today, the Prosecutor's Office has announced the intention to file a complaint against the court's decision.

The case against Badrudin Musaev, a son of the Makhachkala Mayor, was considered at the Soviet District Court of the Dagestani capital. On September 11, the defendant delivered his final speech and pleaded not guilty. After that, the court went into the meeting room. Journalists asked when the verdict would be pronounced, but the requested information was not provided. In the evening on September 12, it became known that the court's decision had been pronounced and Badrudin Musaev had been acquitted.

A road conflict involving the son of the Makhachkala Mayor occurred on May 31, 2016. On March 10, the victims claimed at trial that Badrudin Musaev publicly insulted inspectors from the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA), provoked a fight and injured one of them. The public prosecutor requested the court to sentence Badrudin Musaev to five years of imprisonment.

Today, the Dagestani Prosecutor's Office has confirmed the Badrudin Musaev's acquittal and voiced the intention to challenge the verdict.

On September 12, the "Novoe Delo" reported on its website that the verdict to Badrudin Musaev had been pronounced in conditions of enhanced secrecy. The edition notes on the same day, its correspondent was informed at the reception of the judge in charge of the case that the date for the verdict pronouncement was not scheduled.

Full text of the article is available on the Russian page of 24/7 Internet agency ‘Caucasian Knot’.

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