Ramzan Kadyrov gives interview to HBO TV Channel. Still picture of HBO video posted at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k9YbuWBMxh0

20 July 2017, 15:20

US journalist shares his impressions from meeting with Ramzan Kadyrov

US journalist David Scott, an author of a release of the "Real Sports" show on the HBO TV Channel, dedicated to the development of martial arts in Chechnya, described his meeting with Ramzan Kadyrov in June 2017.

According to David Scott, he decided to look at Ramzan Kadyrov after the resonance associated with child fights in Grozny.

The journalists described his meeting with Ramzan Kadyrov as "both chilling and terrific." David Scott has noted that he was impressed by the leader of Chechnya. "He is a military dictator who came up with an idea how to appropriate sport, not only for propaganda purposes. He needs that not only to strengthen his image, but because for his regime, it is a new source of soldiers," believes David Scott.

According to the journalist, many Chechens may well perceive Ramzan Kadyrov as a "magnanimous dictator."

"I have communicated with him... and I saw that the man knows exactly what he is doing and what he wants. He is ready to pay tribute to the devil, if necessary. Meanwhile, he almost rebuilt Grozny, which staid in ruins 15 years ago," the "Meduza" quotes David Scott as saying.

The US journalist has called Chechnya "the most frightening place" of those where he had to visit. "This is a police state. So, you are not afraid of falling victim to a street criminal, but the air there is literally electrified... The main fear is to anger the owner of the land," said David Scott.

According to the journalist, in such a society, there is no place for dissent. "It does not matter whether we are talking about political opponents, dissidents, journalists, or homosexuals. There is no place for any of them in the republic of Ramzan Kadyrov," stated the US journal as quoted by the "Meduza".

Full text of the article is available on the Russian page of 24/7 Internet agency ‘Caucasian Knot’.

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