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Kharlamov, Vasily Akimovich


Born January 1, 1875, in the farm of Kremensky, of the Cossack settlement Ust-Bystryanskaya, in the Don Army Region. From a family of a Cossack officer. Graduated from History and Philology Department of Moscow University. Taught in Novocherkassk Gimnasia. Authored works on history and ethnography of the Don area. Was repressed by the czarist authorities. Was a member of the Cadet Party since 1906. Was a member of State Duma of all the four convocations: in the Second State Duma, was a deputy secretary and a member of agrarian committee, in the Third State Duma, was a member of migration and church committees. Was nominated to all Duma convocations from the Don Army Region. During the WWI, was a chairman of the Don-Kuban Committee of all-Russian Local Government Union.

After the February Revolution 1917, by the decree of the Interim Government, was appointed the chairman of Special Transcaucasian Committee consisting of five members of State Duma. In May 1917, was elected into the Central Committee of the party during the Eighth Congress of the Cadet Party. The Central Committee maintained contacts with ataman A.M. Kaledin via Kharlamov. Was a member of Pre-Parliament. On October 20, 1917, V.A. Kharlamov was appointed the head of the united representation of the "South-Eastern Union of Cossack Troops, Caucasian Highlanders, and Free Peoples of the Steppes". Soon, was elected a member of Constituent Assembly. After the October Revolution, since early November, was a chairman of Economy Council set up by the Army Government of the Don. On November 11, 1917, during the meeting of the Army Government, Kharlamov suggested to introduce control over distribution and sales of the coal, which in fact meant the prohibition of its export from the Don area. In the report to the US State Department dated November 28, 1917, the American Consul in Tiflis F.V. Smith informed, referring to Kharlamov's information, that the negotiations about the reunion of the powers against the Bolsheviks had been conducted by the "South-Eastern Union of Cossack Troops, Caucasian Highlanders, and Free Peoples of the Steppes" with the "Ural Cossacks", Ukrainian Central Rada, with the commander of the First Polish Legionnaire Corps general Y. Dovbor-Musnitsky and "with Siberia" (see: Dumova N.G. Cadet Counter-Revolution and Its Defeat in October 1917 - 1930. Moscow, 1982, p. 52). Smith characterized Kharlamov as a "reliable man". During the meeting, which Kharlamov as a head of the "Union" had with Smith, English general Shore and French colonel Chardigny, Kharlamov asked for the West powers' assistance both in people and in funds (see: ibid, p. 92).

Since 1918, V.A. Kharlamov was a chairman of the Don Circle; in his activities, focused more on A.I. Denikin. Since February 1920, joined the "Responsible Ministry" created by Denikin and headed by N.M. Melnikov. In 1920, emigrated; lived in Belgrade and Prague. Lectured on Russian history in University of Prague. In 1921, V.A. Kharlamov participated in creating People Freedom Party headed by P.N. Milyukov. Was an editor of historic collection Donskaya Letopis (Don Chronicles) (volumes 1 - 3, Vienna - Belgrade, 1923-1924). After WWII moved to Argentina.

Vasily Akimovich Kharlamov deceased in Buenos Aires on March 13, 1957.

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