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Abdullaev, Gasan Mamed Bagir ogly

Scientist, physicist, Associate of the USSR Academy of Sciences. Academician of Azerbaijan Academy of Sciences and its President in 1970-1983. Honored Scientist (Zasluzhenny deyatel' nauki) and Azerbaijan State Prize winner.

Born August 20, 1918, in a village of Yaydji, near a city of Djulfa (now in Nakhchyvan Republic). Graduated from Azerbaijan State Pedagogical Institute, Department of Physics, in 1941. Taught in Ordubat Pedagogical College in 1941-1944. Worked in Physics and Mathematics Institute of the Azerbaijani SSR Academy of Sciences since 1945, was its director in 1957-1958. Worked in Physics Institute of the Azerbaijani SSR Academy of Sciences since 1959, was its director in 1959-1968. Secretary Academician of the Department of Physics, Technical, and Mathematical Sciences of the Azerbaijani SSR Academy of Sciences in 1968-70.

Academician Abdullaev dedicated over fifty years of his life to the physics of semiconductors. Discovered new groups of binary and ternary compounds of selenium and tellurium, suggested diodes with controlled electronic memory, created complex semiconductors used as receivers for visible and infrared spectrum areas. By researching the physics of selenium and selenium appliances, was the first to explain the abnormalities in selenium and invented an approach to control them. Carried out a set of research projects to receive semiconductor monocrystals of complex chemical composition for lasers and memory modules. Elaborated new semiconductor materials for heat converters. Authored over 150 scientific papers; over 50 of them were published abroad. Authored over 30 inventions; some of them were patented in USA, France, and Russia. Lectured on physics of semiconductors and semiconductor selenium in Russia, USA, and Turkey. In 1956, G.M. Abdullaev founded the Department of Semiconductor Physics in Azerbaijan State University (ASU) and had many followers. Was repeatedly elected a deputy of the Supreme Council of the USSR, had multiple awards and medals.

Gasan Mammed Bagir ogly Abdullaev died in Baku in 1993.

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