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Usubbekov (Yusifbeyli), Nasib bek Yusif ogly

Azerbaijani politician and statesman.

Born in 1881 in Elizavetpole. From a family of a bek. Studied in Law Department of Novorossiysky University, Odessa. During the Revolution of 1905-1907, participated in the student movement. In 1908, persecuted by the police, moved to Turkey. In 1909, returned to Elizavetpole, worked in the city administration, was engaged in publicist, cultural, educational, and charitable activities. After the February Revolution of 1917, became one of the leaders of the national movement in Azerbaijan. Under Usubbekov's guidance, Turkic Federalist Party was created in March 1917 in Elizavetpole, which supported the extensive autonomy for Azerbaijan within the democratically designed Russia. Participated in the work of Caucasian (April 1917, Baku) and the First all-Russian (May 1917, Moscow) Muslim Congresses.

During the first congress of the Turkic Democratic Party Musavat (Equality) on October 26 thru 31, 1917, in Baku, was elected a member of the Central Committee. Headed Elizavetpole branch of the party, was a leader of the right wing of the party, supported the interests of major squires. Was a member of all-Russian Constituent Assembly. Was a member of Transcaucasian Sejm (February 10 - May 26, 1918), advisor to the chairman of Musavat fraction and democratic group of the non-party. Supported the idea of creating an independent federative Transcaucasian state. Since April 1918, was a minister of education of Transcaucasian government. Was a member of Interim National Council of Azerbaijan (May 27 - December 7, 1918). After Azerbaijani Democratic Republic (ADR) was created on May 28, took the positions of the minister of finance, education, and religion issues (June 17, 1918 - March 4, 1919) and the chairman of the Council of Ministers (March 14, 1919 - March 30, 1920).

After the Soviet power was established in Azerbaijan, was killed by the unknown individuals (possibly Armenian radicals) in May 1920 in Kyurdamir county of Baku Province.

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