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Udugov, Movladi Saidarbievich

Politician. Considered the main ideologist of Chechen separatism.

Born February 9, 1962, in the city of Grozny. From 1983 to 1988, studied in Checheno-Ingushetia State University. According to some testimonials, was on remand for alleged swindling during his student years, due to which had to change his father's last name - Temishev - to his mother's last name - Udugov.

Since 1988, was editor-in-chief of Orientir newspaper, which was banned by Checheno-Ingushetia regional committee of KPSS (Communist Party of the Soviet Union) in 1989. In 1989-1991, Udugov was an already active member of the socio-political organizations Caucasus and Bart, and soon was a member of the Presidium of the Executive Committee of the National Congress of Chechen People (NCCP). In NCCP, Movladi Udugov became the chairman of the Information Committee and simultaneously an employee of the local TV station. During the notorious events of the autumn of 1991, it was Udugov who ensured the broadcasting of general Dzhokhar Dudaev's address to the people. Since then, Movladi Udugov became Dzhokhar Dudaev's closest brother-in-arms. Soon, Udugov was appointed Dudaev's press secretary; in December 1991, took a position of the Minister of Information and Media of Chechnya. Since December 1994, after the federal troops entered the Republic, and until August 1996, commanded the propagation staff of the separatists. Organized the "information resistance" to Russian Federation's policies in Chechnya, actively worked with Russian and foreign media. Movladi Udugov was said to "won alone the information war against the Russian official media" (Obschaya Gazeta, November 14, 1996). For the victory in the "information war" against Russia's official media, was awarded Ichkeria's supreme order Honor of the Nation.

In August 1996, Movladi Udugov was appointed the first deputy prime minister of Chechen Republic for state policy and information.

In January 1997, was running for the presidency of the Republic. During the campaign, Udugov was supported by the Islamic Order political union (National Patriotic Party of Ichkeria, national analytic group Chechnya, nationalistic organizations: Slaves to the Allah and Mother's Voice, six youth organizations, and a number of influential warlords). The candidate for the vice president's position was warlord Ziyaudi Beloev. Udugov lost the election - less than 1% voted for him.

In the new government of Chechen Republic of Ichkeria, received a position of the first vice prime minister and of the Minister of state policy and information. In the autumn of 1999, actively supported the Chechen commandoes' intrusion in Dagestan. After the second Chechen war started, was forced to flee the Caucasus and hide. There is information about his stay in Scandinavia, Turkey, Persian Gulf countries, and possibly USA during this period of time. Continues to the main propagation loudspeaker of the radical separatists: sponsors Ichkeria newspaper and manages the work of several Internet portals.

Support the construction of Chechnya's state structures on Islamic principles and on the basis of Shariate.

Married three times. Has at least four children.

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