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Topchibashev, Ali-Mardan bek Alekper ogly

Azerbaijani politician and publicist.

Born May 4, 1862 (according to different data, in 1865), in Baku. Of a bek's family. In 1888, graduated from Law Department of St. Petersburg University. Engaged in legal practice and journalism, was a speaker of Baku City Duma. During the Revolution of 1905-1907, participated in the work of the First all-Russian Muslim Congress (August 1905, Nizhni Novgorod). During the Second (January 1906, St. Petersburg) and the Third (August 1906, Nizhni Novgorod) Muslim Congresses, was elected the chairman of the Central Committee of Ittifak-al-muslimin (Union of the Muslims) party. Was a deputy of the First State Duma.

After the February Revolution 1917, supported the preservation of the single Russian State and the convocation of a Constituent Assembly; did not join any party. Since March, headed Azerbaijani National Committee. Participated in the work of Caucasian (April, Baku) and First all-Russian Muslim (May, Moscow) Congresses, where he supported the federative organization of Russia. Participant of the State Meeting in Moscow in August 1917.

Was a member of all-Russian Constituent Assembly; after its dissolution, was a member of Transcaucasian Sejm (February 10 - May 26, 1918), but did not participated in its work because of a disease. Was a member of Interim National Council of Azerbaijan (May 27 - December 7, 1917). After the proclamation of Azerbaijani Democratic Republic, ADR, on May 28, 1918, was its extraordinary representative in Georgian Democratic Republic, then in Turkey. While in Turkey, was appointed ADR's Ministry of Foreign Affairs (October 6 - December 7, 1918). Was elected in absentia the chairman of Azerbaijani Parliament on December 7, 1918. Headed ADR's delegation in Paris Peace Conference (March thru December 1919).

After the establishment of the Soviet power in Azerbaijan on April 28, 1920, emigrated. Participant of Genoese (1922) and Lausanne (1923) conferences, in which he raised the issue of illegal occupation of Azerbaijan by the Red Army.

Deceased in Paris on November 8, 1934.

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