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Tekeev, Aliy-Murat Abu-Yusufovich

Born November 5, 1959, in the village of Abay-Bazar, Chimkent Region, Kazakh SSR (Soviet Socialist Republic).

Upon graduation from Cherkessk Medical College, served in the Soviet Army in Germany (1974).

In 1979, returned to his homeland.

In 1982, graduated with honors from Moscow Medical Institute named after Sechenov and entered the graduate school.
In 1989, became Master of Medical Sciences (kandidat meditsinskikh nauk).
In 1989, became Doctor of Medical Sciences (doktor meditsinskikh nauk).
In 1998, became a Professor.
In 1999, became an Academician.

Laureate of multiple international scientific contests, participant of forums, conferences, and symposiums in Spain, England, the USA, Canada, Denmark, and CIS countries.

Authored 90 scientific works and 8 discoveries in the domains of nutrition, oncology, and radiology. Tekeev's scientific developments are used in many modern medical institutes and clinics.

In 2000, Academician A.M. Tekeev was put on the "elite" list of information scientists created by the Supreme Consulting Body of the UN and the Information Studies Parliament.

At present, Aliy-Murat Tekeev is a professor of Karachayevo-Cherkessian State University and the head sanitary official of the city of Karachayevsk and Karachayevsk County.

In late 2001, Academician Tekeev was awarded an international scientific rank Founder of a Scientific Domain and UN golden medal. There are few Russian citizens who have been awarded such honors.

Besides his scientific activities, A.-M. Tekeev is a chairman of Narodny Deputat (People's Deputy) faction's Karachayevo-Cherkessian regional branch.

Married, two sons and a daughter.

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