Participant of action dedicated to the Day of Remembrance of Victims of Caucasian War. Photo by Lyudmila Maratova for the 'Caucasian Knot'.

21 May 2017, 04:55

Police seize Circassian mourning ribbons

In the Krasnodar Territory, officials of the law enforcement agencies have seized a party of mourning ribbons manufactured to the 153rd anniversary of the end of the Caucasian War. This was reported by Beslan Teuvazhev, a Circassian activist.

The "Caucasian Knot" has reported that every year, Circassian activists organize the release of mourning ribbons timed to the anniversary of the last battle of the Caucasian War (which took part on May 21, 1864). Circassians mark the day of May 21 as the Day of Memory and Sorrow, and they hold mourning processions on that date.

The Caucasian War, which lasted from 1763 to 1864, put the Adyg peoples on the brink of complete extinction. After the war and the mass deportation of the Adygs to the Ottoman Empire, just a little more than 50,000 people remained at their homeland. Circassian organizations insist that the Russian authorities should make a decision to recognize the Circassian genocide during the Caucasian War.

Today, on May 21, at about 1:00 a.m., law enforcers seized 4000 mourning ribbons, the "Caucasian Knot" correspondent was told by Beslan Teuvazhev.

According to him, while seizing the ribbons, the law enforcers explained that an examination should be carried out. "Examinations have been conducted two times already, and no signs of extremism were revealed. The ribbons have the same design, which does not change for several years," said Beslan Teuvazhev.

Green mourning ribbons manufactured to mark the anniversary of the end of the Caucasian War bear the official dates of the beginning and end of the Caucasian War. Each ribbon bears an inscription in Russian, English, Turkish, Abazin, and in two dialects of the Circassian language, reading: "The Day of Memory and Sorrow". Besides, there is also an inscription in the Circassian language and in two dialects of the Circassian language, reading: "Russian-Circassian War".

Full text of the article is available on the Russian page of 24/7 Internet agency ‘Caucasian Knot’.

Author: Asya Kapaeva; Source: CK correspondent

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