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Suleymenov, Ibragim Abdurakhmanovich

Chechen politician and statesman.

Born February 11, 1953. Upon the completion of the high school in 1971, served in Air Defense troops. Politics worker. Graduated form Leningrad Higher Military Political School and Military Political Academy named after Lenin. The last rank in the Soviet army: colonel.

In autumn of 1991, actively supported the idea of the "Chechen Revolution". Participated in overthrowing Doku Zavgaev and forming the national guards of General Dzhokhar Dudaev. On October 27, 1991, was elected a deputy of the Parliament of Chechen republic from Vedeno County constituency. In 1991-1993, headed the Parliament Committee for Defense and Security. In November 1991, became a member of the Defense Council of Chechen Republic; until the spring of 1992, was an acting chairman of the National Security Service of Chechen Republic.

In spring 1992, sharply criticized D. Dudaev's administration. In 1992-1993, was one of the leaders of opposition parliamentary faction Bako (Right). After Parliament's dispersal by Dudaev's followers in June 1993, left Grozny. Formed an armed group in the territory of Vedeno County, which demanded D. Dudaev's resignation from the position of the President and a new parliamentary election.

In January and February 1994, heading an armed group tried to blockade Grozny, but was captured by Ichkeria's State Security Department's officers. In January 1995, was liberated from prison by Russian troops. In 1995, was a Military Commissar of Chechen Republic.

In December 1995, was elected a deputy of State Duma of Russian Federation from the 31st constituency - Chechen Republic. According to official data, received 38.5% of votes. According to unofficial data, the election was held with multiple gross violations or de-facto was not held at all in many settlements of the Republic. Joined NDR (Nash Dom Rossiya - Our Home Russia) faction, was a member of State Duma's Committee for Defense.

Since 1996, resides in Moscow. At present, continues political activities.

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