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Musabekov, Gazanfar Makhmud-ogly

Politician and statesman.

Born on July 14 (26), 1888, in the village of Perebidil, Kubinsky County, Baku Province, in a poor family. Azerbaijani by nationality. Studied medicine in Kiev. After the February Revolution of 1917, headed the local administration in his native Kubinsky County, then became deputy chairman of Baku Province Alimentary Committee. In august 1918, departed for the Volga Region, where assisted N. Narimanov in organizing a Muslim military hospital in Astrakhan. In 1918, joined RKP(b) (Russian Communist Party of the Bolsheviks) and was appointed the chairman of Muslim section of RKP(b)'s Astrakhan Committee. Also headed the local branch of Azerbaijani Social Democrat organization Gummet. The Soviet troops' entrance in Azerbaijan allowed Musabekov to return to his native land as a member of Revolutionary Committee of Azerbaijan headed by Narimanov. When the Revolutionary Committee was restructured into People's Commissars' Council in 1921, Musabekov received the position of People's Commissar of Provisions of Azerbaijani SSR (Soviet Socialist Republic). In April 1922, Musabekov temporarily headed the government of Azerbaijan due to Narimanov's absence who participated in Genoese Conference. Later, Musabekov officially took the position of the Chairman of the People's Commissars' Council of Azerbaijani SSR.

After Narimanov's death in 1925, Musabekov was elected his successor at the position of the Chairman of the Central Executive Committee of the USSR. VKP(b)'s 15th Congress elected Musabekov a candidate member of Central Committee of VKP(b). In 1929-1931, Musabekov also occupied the position of the Chairman of the Central Executive Committee of Azerbaijani SSR; from 1931 till 1936, was the head of the government of Transcaucasian SFSR (Soviet Federative Socialist Republic).

During the period of political repression, Musabekov was arrested (June 1937) and accused of plotting an anti-Soviet conspiracy. Sentenced to death by shooting by the Military Collegium of the Supreme Council of the USSR on February 9, 1938. Rehabilitated posthumously.

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