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Shariah (from Arabian "Ash-Shara" - a straight and correct way, orders established as obligatory) - a complex of the obligatory prescriptions fixed in the Koran and Sunnah and being a religious - ethical basis for the Muslim right and morals. Differently, the Shariah can be determined as a general doctrine about Islamic way of life. The basic problems of a Sheriyat are developed by Muslim jurisprudence (fikh), paying special attention to a degree of legacy of one or another action.

The Shariah adjusts: a) external forms of the people attitudeto Allah (ibadat), including rules of ablution, a daily fivefold pray, payment of the clearing tax-donation on property (zakjat), a fast during the Ramadan month, pilgrimage to Mecca and diligence in belief (dzhikhad); b) establishes rules of mutual relation between people (muamaljat); c) defines punishment for infringement of the mentioned rules (ukubat).

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