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The ninth month of a Muslim lunar calendar during which the uraza (Turkic) and the saum (Arabian) fast is kept. According to the main faith admonition book of Islam, that was the month when the Koran had been granted "as a guiding principle for people and as an explanation of a real way". Traditionally, the 27 of Ramadan is marked by moslems as a "night of power" when, according to the legend, Allah decides the fate of nations. Therefore it is accepted to spend this night in a mosque, reading the Koran and uplifting entreaty to Allah. Ramadan is connected with many significant dates marked out by moslems: birthday of the grandson of prophet Muhammad, "the greatest martyr" of Hussein (6), day of death of Hadidzha, the wife of prophet Muhammad (10). Birthday of caliph Ali (22), day of his death (21). The end of the month and the urazah fast is marked by the Urazah-bajram holiday.

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