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31 December 2015, 08:40

Removal of "Electrozink" from North Ossetia to take five years, experts estimate

The process of the removal of the "Electrozink" from North Ossetia can take up to five years. This opinion was voiced by MP Vyacheslav Mamukaev and Dzambolat Kundukhov, a member of the North-Ossetian Ministry of Finance. Meanwhile, according to the experts, the process of removal should take into account the interests of 2000 workers of the plant, who can lose their jobs.

The "Caucasian Knot" has reported that on December 27, in the air of the "Alania" Radio, Vyacheslav Bitarov, Prime Minister of North Ossetia, announced that the "UGMK" holding company would remove the "Electrozink" plant from the territory of North Ossetia.

The capital of North Ossetia regularly hosts protest actions against the "Electrozink" plant. Ecological activists claim that the plant emissions pollute the atmosphere of Vladikavkaz.

MP Vyacheslav Mamukaev believes that the process of the removal of the plant will take a long period of time. However, according to him, the authorities' decision to move the plant is related solely to the care about the security of citizens.

Dzambolat Kundukhov, an expert in economics, a former staff member of the North-Ossetian Ministry of Finance, shares the Vyacheslav Mamukaev's opinion. He also explains the statement of the Prime Minister of North Ossetia about the movement of the plant to another location solely by the care of resident of the republic. Dzambolat Kundukhov does not treat the decision about the removal of the plant as an attempt to put pressure on the managers of the metallurgical plant in order to increase incomes to the republican budget.

Besides, according to Dzambolat Kundukhov, the process of the plant removal should take into account the interests of 2000 workers of the plant, who can lose their jobs.

Author: Emma Marzoeva; Source: CK correspondent

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