23 November 2015, 09:00

Week in the Caucasus: review of main events of November 16-22

Two special operations against militants in Kabardino-Balkaria; special operation in Kalmykia, during which suspected murderer of a Moscow policeman was killed; another arson of a ziyart in Chechnya, see the review of these and other events in the Caucasus during the week of November 16-22, 2015, prepared by the "Caucasian Knot".

Fourteen suspected militants killed in two special operations in Kabardino-Balkaria

On November 22, the counterterrorist operation (CTO) legal regime was introduced on the outskirts of Nalchik: in particular, it was introduced within parts of the city of Nalchik and the Cherek District. According to the National Antiterrorist Committee (NAC), in the course of the special operation, 11 militants, who swore allegiance to the "Islamic State" (IS), banned in Russia, were killed. According to law enforcers, several killed men have been preliminary identified as members of the so-called "central sector". At 1:00 p.m. Moscow time, the CTO legal regime was cancelled, and at 7:50 p.m. Moscow time of the same day, the CTO legal regime was introduced within the administrative boundaries of the city of Nalchik. During the second special operation, three other men were killed, including a leader of a militant grouping, who swore allegiance to the "Islamic State". The CTO legal regime, introduced in the evening, was cancelled at 9:45 p.m. Moscow time. Meanwhile, one of the websites, supporting militants of Northern Caucasus, argues that the information about the involvement of the killed men in the "Islamic State" is false.

It should be noted that in the territory of Kabardino-Balkaria, militants of the "Islamic State" and of the "Imarat Kavkaz", also recognized in Russia as a terrorist organization, are active. On November 10, Robert Zankishiev, the leader of the local branch of the "Islamic State", who swore allegiance to the IS, was killed in Nalchik. Then, political analysts have claimed that militants of the "Imarat Kavkaz" in Kabardino-Balkaria treat members of the "Islamic State" as their rivals.

Suspected murderer of Moscow policeman killed in special operation in Kalmykia

At night of November 17, in the Kalmyk village of Prikumsky, a special operation was carried out, in which law enforcers killed the men, suspected of an attack on Police Lieutenant Viktor Razudalov in Moscow on November 6. On November 6, the policeman tried to check the documents of three suspicious men, and one of them opened fire. Ruslan Parsilaev, a native of the Dagestani village of Babayurt, was detained, and his countrymen Azamat Shikhavov and Zavur Khamutaev were put on the wanted list for killings of law enforcers in Dagestan. In the course of the special operation in the Kalmyk village of Prikumsky, Azamat Shikhavov and Zavur Khamutaev were killed, and the house, where they were blocked, was completely destroyed.

According to a source from the law enforcement bodies, Azamat Shikhavov and Zavur Khamutaev could be involved in preparation of terror acts in Moscow. The source has reported the investigators revealed that Azamat Shikhavov under the call sign "Sheikh" proclaimed himself the leader of the Babayurt militant grouping. Then, together with Zavur Khamutaev, he left for Moscow, where they might be looking for a place for a terror act. However, their plans were disrupted after the incident, which occurred on November 6 and involved staff members of the Division for the Marino District of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA).

Arson of ziyart in Chechnya and people's gatherings, during which Chechen residents condemn young people suspected of crime

On November 16, in the Chechen village of Kurchaloi, the ziyart (mausoleum) of Saint Yangulbi-Sheikh was set on fire. Shamil Ergiev, Djabrail Usumov, Islam Yunusov, and Khamzat Uspaev, residents of the village of Mairtup, were detained on suspicion of committing the arson. On November 18, the young people were transported to three villages, where local residents subjected the suspects to public reprimand.

The case on arson of the ziyart in Kurchaloi is the second such incident. Earlier, at night of October 10, at the cemetery in Shali, unidentified persons set on fire the ziyart (mausoleum) of Durdi-Sheikh, one of the followers of Kunta-Khadji Kishiev, the founder of Sufism in Chechnya. Human rights defenders believe the arsons in Chechnya may be an answer of Salafis to the increased pressure on members of the Salafi community in Chechnya.

Valery Permyakov's case sent to General Prosecutor's Office of Armenia

On November 17, it was reported about the completion of the investigation into the criminal case of the murder of the Avetisyan family committed in the Armenian city of Gyumri at night of January 12. The criminal case caused a great resonance in Armenia. On November 20, it became known that the case against Valery Permyakov had been sent to the Armenian Prosecutor's Office for approval of the indictment. Meanwhile, the investigators treated as inappropriate the request of the advocates of the victim party to carry out the additional investigation into the motives for the crime. The advocates have filed an appeal against the investigators' refusal to carry out an additional investigation.

Arrest in absentia of officer of Chechen battalion "Sever", accused of Boris Nemtsov's murder

On November 16, in the case of Boris Nemtsov's murder, investigators put on the international wanted list Ruslan Mukhudinov, an officer of the Chechen battalion "Sever" (North). On November 18, he was arrested in absentia by the Basmanny Court of Moscow. On November 6, the investigators charged Ruslan Mukhudinov in absentia of the organization of the Boris Nemtsov's murder. According to one version of the investigators, Ruslan Mukhudinov, who used to be a driver of Ruslan Geremeev, another officer of the battalion "Sever", also involved in the criminal case, gave the criminals, who were to kill Boris Nemtsov, a car and a pistol with rounds and promised to reward them. On November 19, the "Rosbalt" reported that Ruslan Mukhudinov and Ruslan Geremeev returned from the United Arab Emirates to Russia and went into hiding to a mountainous area in the territory of Chechnya. Meanwhile, the advocate of Ruslan Mukhudinov has reported that he has filed an appeal, in which he requests to cancel the court's decision on the arrest of his client in absentia as unfounded.

In Dagestan and Volgograd Region, truck drivers hold protest actions

Starting from November 11, in Russia, truck drivers carry out the action to protest against the introduction on November 15 of the toll collection from trucks for the use of the roads of federal significance. Truck drivers of the southern regions of Russia have joined the protest action. Carriers believe the tolls are too high. Besides, they also point to the lack of infrastructure for monitoring the system "Platon" introduced to collect the tolls. On November 15, truck drivers started a week-long strike in the Karabudakhkent and Kayakent Districts in Dagestan. On November 21, it was reported that the strike also covers the areas near Khasavyurt and near the Kizlyar District on the border with Azerbaijan. Law enforcers concentrated their forces near the places of the protest actions, and truck drivers reported on detentions of some strikers. On November 22, law enforcers dispersed the protesters in Babayurt.

Truck drivers from the Volgograd Region also supported the protest action. They declared suspension of cargo transportation for the period of November 15-22. On November 20, according to witnesses, about 150 truckers held solo pickets at the building of the regional administration in Volgograd. On the same day, in the Traktorozavodskoy District of Volgograd, a picket was held in front of the office of the local coordinator of the system "Platon". The protest action was attended by 300 people.

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