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The lock and fortress of medieval Armenia on a right coast of river Ahurjan (Arpachaj), nowadays in Vilajet Kars in Turkey. In V-VIII centuries possession of princes Kamsarakans, and then Bagrateeds, under which Ani became a capital of the Ani empire (since 961). In X-XIII centuries Ani was the largest economic, political and cultural centre of Armenia. In 1045 it was seized by Byzantium, in 1064 - by seldzhuks, who destroyed it heavily. In 1199 together with a part of Northern Armenia it was part of the Georgian empire. At the end of XII - the beginning of XIII centuries it experienced a new bloom. In 1236 it was taken by Mongols, then destroyed, and since XIV century had lost its value. In XVI centuryAni was mentioned as a village. In 1878 it joined Russia, after the I World War departed to Turkey.

Ruins of Ani were kept by one of the major centres of Armenian architecture of X-XIV centuries. As a result of excavation of 1892-93 and 1904-16 years ruins of a palace, hotels, temples and other constructions and city quarters were open. Among valuable monuments: the rests of powerful fortifications with towers (989) which were repeatidly completed and became stronger in XI-XIII centuries; a majestic cathedral (989-1001; dome 3-nave basilica) and round layer Grigory's church (Gagikashen, 1001-10), constructed by architect Trdat; graceful pluralapse centralized layer churches: Abugamrents (Grigory, 2nd part of X century), the Savior (1036), "Shepherd's" (XI century (?)); Ripsime temple of the Maiden monastery (XIII century); church of Tigran Onents (1215) like a dome hall with carved ornaments and frescos; gavit of the Apostles church (XIII century) with a flat stone mosaic ceiling, a palace of paron (XII-XIII centuries), etc. In the Gagikashen church a unique round statue of king Gagika I holding a church model was found (but was not kept).

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December 15, 2019 11:57

  • Azerbaijan condemns recognition of Armenian Genocide by US Senate

    The resolution of the US Senate on recognition of the Armenian Genocide in the Ottoman Empire was an attempt to put pressure on Turkey, the Azerbaijani Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) has stated. The resolution will worsen the US-Turkish relations, but will not affect the Karabakh settlement, Azerbaijani experts believe.

December 15, 2019 11:55

  • Blogger Elvin Isaev arrested in Azerbaijan

    Elvin Isaev, a blogger, who lived in Russia, was detained in Ukraine and deported to Azerbaijan, where he was placed into SIZO (pre-trial prison). This was reported by the State Migration Service (SMS) of Azerbaijan.

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