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Georgian Bagrations, an imperial dynasty since IX till XIX century. Bagrations were descending from the Speri province (modern Ispir in Turkey). In VI-VIII centuries their one branch has won prevailing position in Kartli. In the 1st part of IX century Ashot Bagration created a strong princedom Tao-Klardzheti in Southern Georgia. Among the utstanding representatives of Bagrations there were David Stroitel' (1089 - 1125), George III (1156-84), Tamara (1184-1213). After disintegration of the united Georgian state at the end of XV century Bagrations ruled in the Kartli, Kakhetin and Imeret empires. When Georgia was joined to Russia in 1801, the imperial authority of Bagrations was abolished. One of the branches of Bagrations dynasty was brought in number of the Russian princely families. Many known figures descent from the Bagrations family: historians Vahushti, Tejmuraz, David, the Russian commander, the hero of the 1812 war P.I.Bagration, etc.

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