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Thao - Klardzhet princedom

Feudal state in southwest Georgia, arisen in the beginnings of IX century. The founder of the Thao - Klardzhet princedom was Ashot Bagrationi. He restored a fortress and the city of Artanudzhi which became the large trading - craft centre of Georgia and Near East. Princes Bagrationi, basing on support of Byzantium, quickly expanded their posessions and started a struggle for clearing of the Georgian lands from under the Arabian yoke. Proprietors of the Thao-Klardzhet princedom received the Byzantian court titles. Since the end of IX century they have accepted a title "king the Georgian", and the princedom began to be called the Georgian empire. The Thao - Klardzhet princedom achieved the best bloom during David III Kuropalat board (died in 1001). In the empire there were big civil works, extention of the church-cloister centers network. The Thao - Klardzhet princedom was a part of the incorporated Georgian empire with Bagrat III from the family of Bagrationi.

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December 15, 2019 11:57

  • Azerbaijan condemns recognition of Armenian Genocide by US Senate

    The resolution of the US Senate on recognition of the Armenian Genocide in the Ottoman Empire was an attempt to put pressure on Turkey, the Azerbaijani Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) has stated. The resolution will worsen the US-Turkish relations, but will not affect the Karabakh settlement, Azerbaijani experts believe.

December 15, 2019 11:55

  • Blogger Elvin Isaev arrested in Azerbaijan

    Elvin Isaev, a blogger, who lived in Russia, was detained in Ukraine and deported to Azerbaijan, where he was placed into SIZO (pre-trial prison). This was reported by the State Migration Service (SMS) of Azerbaijan.

December 14, 2019 18:26

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