08 May 2003, 17:20

The Gjulistan peace treaty of 1813

The contract between Russia and Iran, signed October, 24 (November, 5) 1813 in settlement Gjulistan in Karabakh after the termination of the Russian-Iranian wars of 19 century. According to the Gjulistan peace treaty, Iran recognized transition of Dagestan, Georgia, Mingrelia, Imeretia, Guria, Abkhazia and khanates: Baku, Karabakh, Gjadzhinsk, Shirvan, Shekin, Derbent, Cuban, Talysh to Russia. According to the Gjulistan peace treaty, Russia was given an exclusive right to have its own military fleet on the Caspian sea. Merchants of both countries received the right of free trade. In the formed historical conditions the connection of a significant part of Transcaucasia to Russia had progressive value for peoples of Transcaucasia, it relieved them from constant bloody destructive invasions of the Persian and turkish aggressors, it had resulted in liquidation of feudal dissociation, it had involved the territory into the general course of progressive economic development, it had connected peoples of Transcaucasia with a highly advanced Russian culture and political movement of Russia.

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