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Central Transcaucasian archeologic culture

Culture of tribes of Transcaucasia of a late bronze age and the early Iron Age (XIII - VII centuries up to A.D.) . In local variants of Central Transcaucasian archeologic culture (Khodzhaly-kedabeck culture) and others there are traced sources of culture of modern peoples of Transcaucasia. Central Transcaucasian archeologic culture is submitted by numerous burial grounds and insignificant number of settlements. Typical forms of funeral constructions - stone boxes and barrows, frequently with cromleches; burial places in a sitting position. Sepulchral stock - the most ancient in territory of the former USSR bronze swords and daggers, bits, poleaxes, maces, bronze arrow tips, magnificent ornaments of bronze belts and decorations. There are first iron knifes and spears. The ceramics made on a potter's wheel, with white paste ornament. Basic monuments of the Central Transcaucasian archeologic culture - a burial grounds of Samtavr, Mingechaur, Lchashen, Artick catacombs.

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