Svetlana Isaeva. Photo: the organization "Mothers of Dagestan for Human Rights",

23 September 2014, 11:25

Dagestani rights defenders report law enforcers' illegal actions against locals

In the course of the press conference, members of the organization "Mothers of Dagestan for Human Rights" have mentioned the cases of Imangazali Magomedov and Marat Nasredinov, two residents of Dagestan, as examples to declare biased actions of investigators against citizens complaining about being beaten by policemen. The rights defenders have also appealed to advocates asking them to openly condemn their colleagues working in the interests of law enforcers rather than in the interests of their clients.

According to Elena Denisenko, investigators refused to initiate criminal proceedings against policemen, who beat Imangazali Magomedov, a resident of the village of Shaumyan of the Kizlyar District of Dagestan. According to the advocate, the Investigating Department has refused to open a criminal case on the fact of beating.

Elena Denisenko has also said that she had to go to the court to get materials of the check on the case of Marat Nasredinov, a resident of the village of Magaramkent, who filed a complaint about being beating by policemen in January 2013. According to Elena Denisenko, the complaint filed against the investigator for particularly important cases of the Investigating Department for Dagestan met no adequate response.

Svetlana Isaeva, the Chair of the organization "Mothers of Dagestan for Human Rights", a member of the Dagestani Public Monitoring Commission (PMC) on human rights in penitentiary institutions, has raised the topic of "red advocates". According to her, when acting in the interests of unfair law enforcers, on duty advocates jeopardize the activities of other advocates.

Author: Makhach Akhmedov; Source: CK correspondent

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