Ilya Politkovsky, son of Anna Politkovskaya, talking to journalists after the court verdict was announced. Moscow, June 9, 2014. Photo by the ‘Caucasian Knot’.

10 June 2014, 09:45

Children and colleagues of Anna Politkovskaya agree with outcomes of the trial

The children of Anna Politkovskaya, an observer of the newspaper "Novaya Gazeta", who figured at the trial dealing with their mother's murder as the suffered party, state that they agree with the verdict. However, they hope that the customers of the crime will also be found and sentenced.

Anna Politkovskaya, a journalist, who published materials about Northern Caucasus, was killed in Moscow on October 7, 2006. The case was reconsidered at the Moscow City Court (MCC). The prisoners' dock contained four natives of Chechnya, namely: Rustam, Ibragim, and Djabrail, Makhmudov brothers and Lom-Ali Gaitukaev; and a Moscow ex-militiaman Sergey Khadjikurbanov. On June 9, the Court found all of them guilty of killing Anna Politkovskaya.

Ilya, Anna Politkovskaya's son, and Anna Stavitskaya, the lawyer for the victims, have explained that they agree with the verdict of the MCC and that they believe the defendants had been really involved in murdering the journalist.

"The suffered party will be satisfied with the court's decision only when the prisoners' dock contains all the persons involved in the journalist's murder and the court mentions the name of the person who had really ordered the crime. However, at the trial, the prosecutors were more convincing, and, as a result, the jury rendered the verdict of guilty," Anna Stavitskaya has added.

Colleagues of the murdered journalist continue their own investigation. In that regard, they are ready to start a dialogue with everyone, who has any information, including the convicts. This was announced by Nadezhda Prusenkova, the press secretary of the "Novaya Gazeta".

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Author: Yulia Buslavskaya; Source: CK correspondent

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