Collection exhibits, presented in the "Adyg's House" in the Olympic Park. Sochi, February 2014. Photo

11 February 2014, 07:15

"Adyg's House" in Sochi Olympic Park was visited by about 30 members of Circassian Diasporas

The Olympic Park in Sochi has launched the "Adyg's House" and the "Circassian Yard", representing the culture of the Adyg nation – the indigenous population of the Black Sea coast. Within a few days, the "Adyg's House" was attended by about 30 representatives of the Circassian Diasporas, who came to the Olympic Games in Sochi from Syria, Palestine, Jordan, Germany, Israel, Turkey and United Arab Emirates.

According to employees of the House, its creation was contributed by all the Adyg republics and Sochi-based Adygs.

Of greatest interest to visitors is the museum, the exhibits for which were provided by the Republic's Maikop Museum and the Lazarevskoe ethnographic branch of the History Museum of Sochi-Resort. The museum features several exhibits dating back to the 1st-2nd centuries BC.

Elena Devina, the head of the above Lazarevskoe branch, has noted a high visitors' interest in the collection exhibits, presented in the "Adyg's House".

Most of the Adygs, living in Sochi, refer positively, when visiting the House, about the reflection of the Circassian culture at the Olympics.

Meanwhile, the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics was perceived critically by activists of Circassian organizations. Asker Sokht, the head of the public organization "Adyge Khase" of the Krasnodar Territory, said that the historical stories presented at the opening ceremony have demonstrated that Caucasophobia and Circassiaphobia and elevated up to the rank of Russia's real politics.

Author: Tatyana Ukolova, Aida Magomedova; Source: CK correspondents

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