09 January 2014, 12:33

Law enforcers check information about death of woman from Astrakhan, whose relatives claim she was abducted

In Astrakhan, law enforcers carry out investigation into the fact of the death of 23-year-old Galiya Borisenko, who died on January 5. Last summer, relatives of the young woman filed a complaint about her disappearance. Several days prior to her death, the young woman returned home, and early in the morning of January 5, she died as a result of jump from balcony of an apartment on the fifth floor of the house. At that moment, her father and husband were at home.

Investigators consider the basic version of the accident that occurred on January 5 and of the reason why Galiya Borisenko left home involves "circumstances of the young woman's personal life concealed by her."

Relatives of the deceased young woman refute the official version. They refer to the statement of Galiya herself and state that she was kidnapped and held captive by unidentified persons.

Denis Borisenko, the husband of the young woman, says that she described in details her kidnapper to the investigators, claiming she was kidnapped y a native of Caucasus. "We together with investigators and Galiya went to watch buildings located near Bolshie Isady Market and to look for a place where she was held captive. She felt bad, and it was psychologically hard for her to carry it all, and the investigators decided to postpone the investigating measures till the later date, when she would feel better. However, on January 5, she died," the "Astrakhanpost" quotes Denis Borisenko as saying.

Information about the death of Galiya Borisenko is being actively discussed in social networks. Internet users do not exclude that the investigators hide the truth about the kidnapping of the young woman not to provoke ethnic tensions.

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