Audience attending opening ceremony of the 7th festival of documentary films and authors' TV programmes "Kunaki". Cherkessk, October 16, 2013. Photo:

18 October 2013, 01:44

Indira Cherdjieva: in Cherkessk, "Kunaki" film festival presents professional works

In Cherkessk, the festival of documentary films and authors' TV shows "Kunaki" presents films of different levels. While watching some films, viewers have to "vote with their feet"; other films cannot leave anyone indifferent. This was stated by the audience of the festival.

The film audience gave very high marks to the film directed by Tofiq Shakhverdiev "Search for Wahhabis in Mountains of Dagestan".

"You should watch this film, since it is difficult to speak of its content. I cannot find the words to describe the mood of good feeling and hospitality that comes from every character of this film," viewer Muslim has shared his expressions. He has reminded the episode in which a young woman met a camera crew on a mountain road and invited them to visit her house. "We will slaughter a lamb and cook shashlyk. Visit us and have a dinner," she invites Muscovites to visit her house.

The viewer has said that he remembers one of the last episodes of the film. The camera shows a group of boys on the outskirts of the village, and during a conversation, a boy suddenly asks the director: "Tell me, you are well met here? Do people treat you well wherever you go?" And when the boy hears the affirmative answer, he bitterly asks: "So why, when we come to Russia, local residents do not like us?"

The 7th festival of documentary films and authors' TV programmes "Kunaki" was opened in Cherkessk on October 16. In total, the organizing committee of the festival received 107 works. Of these works, only 43 films and TV shows have managed to pass the preliminary selection.

Author: Tatiana Gantimurova; Source: CK correspondent

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